In those arms of mine

Zoe a 16 year old catches attention from Justin Bieber. She is a very popular girl. She has blonde hair. Perfect blue eyes. And of course the perfect boyfriend (Justin Drew Bieber)


3. The Not-So-Perfect Date

*In the Morning*

Justins POV

I woke up at 11:00 so i decided to call Zoe. I was gonna take her somewhere special today. I really like her.

I dial her number and hit call. I hear the music to Boyfriend Playing while i am waiting for her to answer. she finally answers.

Zoes POV

I pick up the phone and see it is justin. I answer right away. "Hello?" i say. "Hello beautiful, how did you sleep?" Justin says. "I slept wonderful. How about you?" I say. "I slept great, because you were on my mind." Justin says in a really cute voice. I love his voice. It is soothing. "Aww. Thats adorable." I say trying to sound cute. "Can I pick you up at about noon? I wanna take you somewhere special" Says Justin. "Of course, ill go get ready. See you then. I will text you my address." I say hanging up. "Bye beautiful." I hear justin mumble before hanging up. I go to my dresser to get clothes. I end up getting a crop top that has the batman sign on it, and i end up getting short denim shorts. and of course my supras. This time i wore my black ones. I went into the bathroom and put my hair up into a side ponytail. I added a bow to make it look cute. I then put my makeup on. I put on my mascara, eye liner, and a light eye shadow. I put on nude powder. I walked downstairs to get a drink. I heard my iPhone ringing upstairs so i ran to get it. It was Justin. But it was a text message..


From: JuJu<3

Hey beautiful, where is the address?



Can you meet me outside of the corner store?

To: Zoe(;

From: JuJu<3

Of course. See you soon <3


Justin's POV

I'm standing outside the corner store when I see Zoe walking across the street. A grin spreads across my face as I go to meet her halfway. "Justin, look out!" she shrieks, and points down the street I'm crossing. Suddenly, everything goes dark.


Zoe's POV

"Justin, look out!" I shriek, and point to a car about to hit him. He looks and says, "Huh?" just before the car collides with his hip, sending him flying onto the pavement. I run to his side and whip out my phone and call 911. A crowd is gathering; Of course. An ambulance comes down the street, sirens screaming into everyone's ears. A medic turns to me and says, "What happened?" Tears form in my eyes and threaten to spill, but I choke out, "H-he got hit by a car. Please, please help him?" "We'll do all we can, miss," he says as he puts the stretcher holding Justin into the ambulance, and I climb in after him.

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