Falling In Love With My Best Friend's Brother (A Cody Simpson FanFic)

Livvy Meyers has the two coolest friends ever. Cody and Alli Simpson. But when she has a flashback of Cody flirting with her...she starts to realize her feelings for him. Alli doesn't like it but very soon let's them like eachother.


1. Flashback Friday

*Livvy's POV*


I bounded down the stairs but stopped in my tracks when I saw Cody standing in front of the open refridgerator, rummaging through one of the drawers.

"Um, h-hey Cody." I blushed slightly and turned my face towards the window.

"Hey! What's up?" Cody leaned up, closed the door and went and sat on the island counter tossing an apple between his hands, before taking a bite out of it.

"Uh..not much really. Just going through some of Alli's head-shots for Pastry up in her room. I actually came down for a glass of water." I looked at the tiled floor and smiled. My hair fell into my face.

"Hey...don't do that. I like seeing your smile." Cody hopped off the counter and used his thumb to brush away the strands of hair covering my mouth.

He was really close to me now...his minty breath hot on my cheeks.

"Well...I better be going...uh...Alli's probably wondering where I am." I pointed towards the huge spiral stair-case before grabbing a bottle of Evian and running off.

I heard Cody sigh behind me.

"Idiot!" Cody whisper-cursed himself for his actions under his breath.


I shook the memory from my head. Cody would never want to be with someone like me. I'm too...not famous or whatever. He probably wants to be with Kylie Jenner. She's much more pretty. And thinner. Whereas I'm a little thicker and curvy. I always got complimented on my curves but I never really believed what anybody said about me. The compliments I mean.

"Hey! Earth to Livvy! You coming?" Alli started to take off her cover up while simutaneously jogging towards the Pacific.

"Um yeah." I took off my oversize crotchet sweater and tossed it aside. I hugged my knees to my chest. I was braving the elements of chemistry in vertically black striped high waisted swim bottoms and strapless bandeau. The wind blew my hair wildly around me.

"Hey..c'mon!" Alli was now tugging at my arm.

"Fine!" I giggled and joined her in the ice cold water. "Ahh! It's freezing!" I jogged in place.

"No it's not!" Cody wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me before pulling me into his lap. We were in the shallow part and Cody was sitting. I got major butterflies in my stomach when he did that.

"Um..Cody? Can I talk to you for a minute?" Alli said in a stern voice. "Like now maybe?" She arched her right eyebrow.

"Sure?" Cody shook his head in confusion.

Cody set me at his side and went with Alli. Watching from afar, Alli seemed pretty pissed at him for something. She kept pointing at me. What the hell did I do?

"Cody I just don't even know what to do anymore! Why can't you just stay away from her?! She doesn't like you!" Alli held out her hand at me.

"Woah woah woah! Why am I brought into this?!" I stood up.

"Cody's been flirting with you hasn't he?" Cody's eyes darted between Alli and I. Almost as if we were about to break out into a cat fight.

"Yeah...but I like it. I like him...well you Cody. I like you." I confessed.

"What?!" Alli and Cody exclaimed.

"You do?" Cody was shocked and started moving towards me. He grabbed my wrist and held my hand close to him.

"Yeah. I have for a while now. I just never had the nerve to tell you because I thought you wouldn't like me back." I looked at the ground.

"Livvy..." Cody put his hands on my waist. "I've liked you since the moment I saw you." His eyes scanned my face for any signs of insecurity.

"You have?" My wide navy blue eyes searched his face as well.

"Yeah." He pursed his lips and nodded.

"Okay look." Alli sounded defeated. "If you guys really like eachother then I don't care. I don't want to lose a friend or a brother so...yeah." Alli grinned a little.

"Thanks Alli!" Cody attacked Alli with hugs.





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