I Never Knew

Sophiya, just a young girl living on the outskirts of England. What happens when she runs into one of the most famous boys on the block? Let's find out.


10. Today's The Day

Previously: "Sure, as friends?" he asked timidly-which made me feel hot around my face-was I blushing?! I couldn't be! "Um...no-as a date?" I managed to finally spit out just like you would spit out sour lemonade.

Mandy's POV

Once we got to the house. I heard the news, Sophie...was going out as a date-date with the most famous boy in the UK-Josh Culthbert from Union J. It was perfect, but we didn't know where the were going, hell! We didn't no what she was gonna wear! All we knew it was with the guy of her dreams! Anyway, after George and I got in our onesies we turned on X-factor to Fear Factor on commercial and Josh decided to join us. "I can't believe you too!" I beamed at him. He smiled brightly at me and replied "Me either." Once, he said that she came out in a lovely dress...heels and her hair was curled. She looked wonderful. Josh gazed in amazment and I blushed and gushed over there love. Unlike me...I don't have a boyfriend or a love life. There she stood in her wonderful teal and white lace skater dress, red lipstick and smokey eye shadow. However, I wasn't so found of the shoes...I think it would be more cooler with my white converse but she said they're too dirty-it's her style not mine. "Shall we go?" Josh smirked at Sophie and he lent out his arm. She giggled and looked up at his dark brown eyes..."We Shall!" she exclaimed as she walked out with him. "They're so...adorable!" I flustered. George shushed me as Fear Factor came on and I sighed at the look of George-always consumed by the TV. I really like him...so does Sophie. She likes them both, but do they know that? No, should I tell them? No. But I probably will anyway.....


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