I Never Knew

Sophiya, just a young girl living on the outskirts of England. What happens when she runs into one of the most famous boys on the block? Let's find out.


3. There's no place like home

Sophie's P.O.V.

As we got in the house we were first greeted by JJ. "Hello!" I pulled my bangs behind me ear with one hand and the other one wavy shyly. "What's your name? You're Josh's friend? Would you like something to drink or something to eat?" "Uh..." Josh gives him an annoyed look which pull JJ a little back. "Sophie,yes were just met and a cup of water please and it's okay we already ate." I smiled. Once I smiled they both smiled. As he got me a cup of water we sat down at the dining table. As we did a some-what brunette walks in. She was wearing a white,lace, flowy crop-top and high raised short shorts with a blond bun. She gave me judgy look, with an up and down glare-as...if...as if she was looking right through. I always hated those looks you know!? Ugh! Anyway, JJ smirked covering up his smile. "Shut up!" she yelled at him. Josh was flushed. "You're just mad because Josh doesn't love you!" he teased eating  his cereal. Josh face palmed himself and she just sighed. I looked outside and it was bright and shining, I smiled. As she leaves I elbow JJ and leaned over the table a whisper to Josh. "What's her problem? I didn't even say anything!" "Don't worry...it's-it's not you..." Josh assured me. "She fancies Josh." "It's nothing..." I nod in agreement, a little relieved Then another girl walks in, "Hey JJ. Hey Josh." She looks over at me and smiles. "Hello! Anna." she went over to shake my hand and said if I needed anything just ask her. "Sophie.I love your house!" we started convernsating from talking about the guys from our favorite colours! "Thanks! Well I got to go nice meeting you we should hangout sometime!" "Totally!" After we exchange numbers she leaves, George and Jaymi enter and as the enter she slightly pushes George's and Jaymi's heads different direction then chuckles.


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