I Never Knew

Sophiya, just a young girl living on the outskirts of England. What happens when she runs into one of the most famous boys on the block? Let's find out.


8. The best things come in cones...ice cream cones that is.

Mandy's POV

I walked down the deep, and steep road; Hey! That rhymes! Anyway, once I finally got there I walked into a nice and cute little room. It had clear front window-walls. With shiny glass door which looked polished to its finest. As I walked in they had chrome table and chairs, I walked and picked my favorite-bubblegum of course! "One scoop of Bubblegum Burst in a cone please!" I smiled. The boy working there was about my age or younger. Zits covered some of his chin, dirty blonde hair, reeked of sherbet,Gellato or sorbet and had grey colored eyes behind his big "hipster" glasses. "Sure thing!" He said. "Anything else?"  "Yeah, I quart of chocolate chip cookie dough." Once I purchased the 'cream I was about to leave when..."You're from America...aren't you?" he asked. I answered yes and as I did he was plain starstruck. He sat down next to me while I enjoyed my cone and started asking me all about America. He told me his dream was to visit America. He wants to join the army of America and I asked him "Why America? Why not the country you are born in?" and he said "because I don't like it here." I mean how can you not like it here! He told me he lives on his grandparent's farm working in the fields for 6 hours then goes to the ice cream shop for six hours he really hopes to visit New York. "I'm sorry, what was your name again?"

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