I Never Knew

Sophiya, just a young girl living on the outskirts of England. What happens when she runs into one of the most famous boys on the block? Let's find out.


9. the best song ever

Sophia's POV

When i got back to the house-Josh's house that is we stood in the doorway and as he was about to kiss me goodnight...the door pops open. "Hey!" Mandy and George screamed. I slapped my face and my forehead and dragged it down my face in embarrassment. "Oh my gosh,you guys....did you have fun!?" Mandy went in between the both of us and wrapped her arm around my shoulder as we walked in. Josh shrugged his shoulders as she looked at me, then smiled at me. "Well, we better get going..." I murmured. They all stared at me, including Mandy. "Please...can't we stay the night?!" Mandy wined. "It's okay with us..." George and Josh added. They all looked at me with puppy eyes, so being the wimp that I am I finally obliged. We watched Josh's and my favorite movies, which are; "Olympus Has Fallen" and "The Devil Inside". George and Mandy fell asleep in awkward positions George upside down and Mandy some how managed to fall on the floor and not wake up in terror.

"Josh?" I asked shyly. "Yeah.." he looked back at me and smiled. "I have a weird question..." I stated as I reoriented my back in the couches arm. He looked at me with his eyes at full attention, which-of course overwhelmed me at the time. "Would...you go with me..." I trambled trying not to make eye contact. Because I know if I did I would just fall apart. "Go with me to this...dance." I finished. As I did, I felt as if I suddenly had this big wound in my chest that suddenly disappeared.

"Sure, as friends?" he asked timidly-which made me feel hot around my face-was I blushing?! I couldn't be! "Um...no-as a date?" I managed to finally spit out just like you would spit out sour lemonade.

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