I Never Knew

Sophiya, just a young girl living on the outskirts of England. What happens when she runs into one of the most famous boys on the block? Let's find out.


7. Mandy Shelley

Mandy's POV

I walked the kitchen and headed straight for the fridge. Nothing. I looked in the cupboard and found a stash of Oreos. I took a three out, a glass of milk and sat on the couch. George was already sitting there watching the Teli. I sat down an few feet away on the opposite side of the couch. I turn around and say "Hey! I'm Mandy, my friend wants me to help "house sit" with you she's on a date with Josh." "Hey. I'm George." he never took his face off the tv.

"Well, George I don't know about you but I think I might fancy a little ice cream. Want me to get you some?"

"Um, sure. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough?"

"Okay, be right back-or do you want to come?-not to be rude or anything."

"How so?"

"Well, I feel it's rude not to invite someone-I'm weird like that."

"Oh, I don't think so were opposed to be house sitting." he moans.

"Well, suit yourself." I say heading out the door. Then...I was out.

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