I Never Knew

Sophiya, just a young girl living on the outskirts of England. What happens when she runs into one of the most famous boys on the block? Let's find out.


2. Java Chip

Sophies's P.O.V.

It was chilly,below freezing and rainy day. Two raindrops smoothly, effortlessly race down my transparent umbrella onto my brown leather oxfords and form a heart shaped raindrop. How cute.  I was walking my dog Chester L. Donovan (most people call him Chester) and our....destination....Starbuck's. I headed down the wet,rainy streets of London,England. And there is was coffee. Once I enter I take my order-a medium Java Chip. I have no Idea what the actual sizes are called,one is Tall and another is Grande I think. Anyway, once I ordered I sat down on one of the red, wine colored, leather lounge seats. "Cute Dog." The boy next to me in sunglasses said without looking up from his phone. "Yeah." I replied shortly and smiles. "What's it's name?" "Chester L. Donovan, most people just call him Ches or Chester."I did not like socializing I mean it was too much work for me,being the lazy person as I am. "He smiles and nods." Finally, he gets off his phone..."Nice weather,huh?" he says sarcastically. Fortunately, as he said it began to clear up outside. "Actually, it is!" I say with a huge smile pointing out the window. He stares in disbelief. "Well, it is!" he laughs. It was silent for a little while, in which I loved!

I actually for the first time wanted to talk to someone but I didn't know how to keep on conversation alive, but I mean not just alive in was in a struggle to survive in my point of view! "So what do you do for a living?" I asked curiously. "I'm in a band." "Oh, that's cool! What's you band name? Do you play any instruments for it?" "Um.." he adjusted his seat more so it looked like he had best posture,but it kind of just looked the same. "Well, yes. I play acoustic guitar in a band called Union J."  "Oh! I love them their amazing! I think Josh is my favorite....no JJ, George?, Jaymi?. I don't know!" I blush. I adjust my seat. "So who are you JJ or Josh?" "Depends..." "What do you mean it depends?" I laughed

"Because your?....Jaymi?" I was getting tired of playing twenty questions with this guy and wanted to change the subject it was dying again-suffocating. "Nope." Mouth was wide open I couldn't believe it. Now it was awkward, I smile and automatically change the subject as if I didn't even know. "So what do you do for a living?" he asks. "Well, I'm currently a hairstylist and a local salon...but I want to be more, I also." I paused and pointed to outside. "Want to go for a walk?" "Sure." As we headed out I began again my curly brown hair flowing. "I also do makeup for women and men." "You should do mine, sometime!" he joked. We both laughed. "I should!" "Did you do your hair?" "Um, yeah-didn't think anyone would notice." "It's nice." "Thanks." He started to jog in front of me walking backwards so we could see each other easier. "You should be our hair stylist, we need one for JJ, the other one-Alice-she quit...I think she is a photographer now-she's a friend of George-but anyway want to?"I would love too!" I cheered. "Great! If you don't have plans you should meet the rest of the boys!" "That's sounds great! But if you don't mind, could we walk across the street to my loft and live around here, and I need to drop of Chester."

As we drop Chester off I change into my navy blue and white striped, long sleeve crop top and some white high waisted shorts with my navy blue toms. My hair was curled and had a perfect red bow in it to match my red lipstick and gold eyeshadow. "I'm ready! Sorry it took so long." I moaned. "It's okay." We head out to the car, a black range rover and drive to a white,tall house with several windows and light yellow curtains pulled back from the windows, it hand three long and narrows steps the the light hazel colored,wooden door. "Here we are." "This is a beautiful house! You live here?" I said looking a the most astonishing house, the back at him. I couldn't believe this.



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