I Never Knew

Sophiya, just a young girl living on the outskirts of England. What happens when she runs into one of the most famous boys on the block? Let's find out.


4. I must go

Sophie's P.O.V.

"Mornin'" a girl with a terribly strong American accent. She grabs the box of Fruit Loops and stuff her and in it, grabs some to stuff her mouth not giving a care in the world. "Who's this?" she mumbles and she is nodded in my direction. "Uh...a girl...that I met....Starbucks...uh...yeah." "No duh, Sherlock!" she mumbled raising her head so the Fruit Loop wouldn't fall out. I stare at her like she was crazy-we she was...in a good way. "Ha." she tried to say hi and she half waved at me a smiled. I admit, I giggled-just a little.

"You from around here?" she asked swallowing.

"Yeah. Around the corner from Starbuck's."

"Ah...a rich one. Eh? Good choice Josh."

She nudged Josh and left the room scarfing down the box until she hit the bottom of it. He gave her a grimace and mouthed sorry to me. I shrug my shoulders in agreement. He smiled and I laughed. We talked and talked and talked. We talked so much we didn't even realize it was already dusk!

"Oh! It's already dark outside?!"


"Well, I better get going."

"Your not going to stay for Tea?"

Well...I thought I might just stay for a little while...

"Sure. Why not?"

After that we went out for fish and chips and had a cup of raspberry tea later and watch Batman: The Dark Night and Batman: The Dark Night Rises.

"Hey Josh?" I asked hesitantly


Should I asked? I wondered hoping it wasn't rude of me. But was he always this welcoming of strangers? I mean, complete strangers. Most people, you meet at a coffee shop don't just say "Hey. I just met you ten minutes ago but do you want to come to my house and meet my roommates?"

"Never mind, it's stupid."

"What is? Just tell me, it's probably not stupid anyway."

"Why did you invite me to come over to your house and meet your roommates an hour after we just met."

"Why did you say yes?"

That made me think. Why did I say yes? Probably because I kinda fancy him. ONLY a little.....


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