I Never Knew

Sophiya, just a young girl living on the outskirts of England. What happens when she runs into one of the most famous boys on the block? Let's find out.


6. Chester L. Donovan Strikes Again!


When we get to the door of Josh's and the boy's house JJ opens the door. "Hey Josh! It's the girl!" "She has a name!" I retorted and once again I stick up for her as usual. He smirks at me and I just grimaces. He doesn't seem to like me...at all, and  I  doesn't like him anyway. "Hey." Josh smiles. "Hey." "Ready to go?" he asks. Sophie nods. We hug and they leave. "I told her that everyone else is out except for George and that JJ and the girls are leaving in 5." Sophie says basically out the door by now. George and you will be house sitting."  she says once more. I pull her arm and drag her off to the side. "Why am I staying here! I was going back to the loft and watch Netflix!" I wined. "You can watch here!" she moaned. "No.Dude.I'm going home." "Please!" she pleaded again. "Well...what about Chester!" I argued again and put my hands on my hips. She looked away to avoid eye contact.

"What?" I ask slowly-she must of done something wrong.

"Um..I kinda..sort of...maybe...let...Chester out and he...ran away?"

"YOU DID WHAT!" I screamed. Tears running down her face. He was my best friend.

"Well...he didn't run away."

"Then where is he?" I asked wiping tears from my eyes.

Chester had been my best friend and dog sense I was 5, and now he's gone...for good. Sophie put her head back down and began to sob and pointed up to the sky-I felt my voice box shattering or what felt like a million pieces in my throat. She explained to her that he died in his sleep and  couldn't dare to tell me the truth! I believed her and forgave her for lying. After we stopped crying I agreed to staying here it wasn't like I had anything else holding me at home...

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