Just to Love You

First off! My name is Diana Chavez! I was born in San Francisco California! I moved away for 6 years! I had to go away because my dad landed a job in New York. Before i moved i had 2 best friends! One of them was Grace the other one was Heather we new each other in elementary but we never spoke before until MIDDLE SCHOOL! Then we all just became best friends! But i had to move away! Now Im back! Im going to Balboa High School where my friends are!


18. there coming back!

:Dianas POV.
The bell rang. Heather quickly ran to it while me and heather fixed our hair. When they came in Louis' jaw dropped. Litterally. I just laughed. He was looking hot too. He had a a black tuxedo. 
"Youre hot." I blurted out by accident. 
"Why thank you babe. You dont look bad yourself." he teased.
"Shuttup!" i said
"Im just kidding youre beautiful babe." he told me and winked then i hit him playfully.
He then put a corsage on my arm.
Then we said goodbye to the girls and zayn and was off to the Ball!
Graces POV.
Zayn came in the room and he just smirked at me and winked. I just blushed. But he was looking seexy! He had a black suit on, white polo, and a black bow tie. I didnt notice that i was totally checking him out. 
"Like what you see babe?" zayn teased
I decided to go along with him.
I winked and said,"HELL YEAH!"
He just laughed and said,"Youre gorgeous."
And i blushed. He gave me my white corsage and said goodbye to Heather and Niall.
I winked at Niall. and he winked back. Our plan is about to start. 
"You guys can stay here if you want.. If you want to sleep or somthing go in the guest room theres a bigger bed.." i said.
"Thanks. Have fun!" heather said.
I just smiled.
But before we left i had to tell them something important
Zayn and Niall just laughed while Heather was Red as a rose.
"Bye!" i said.
"Ladies first." Zayn said on the way out of my house.
"Naw, you'll just stare at my ass."
"That was the whole point." he said while winking.
I laughed and went first.
"I like your converse by the way!" zayn said. Knowing that i hate heels.
"Thanks Babe!"i said while laughing.
Then we were off to the Ball!
Dianas P.O.V
We were off to the ball! Louis opened the door for me like a gentlemen. I could hear the music already from outside the school... We went inside! It was beautiful! The chairs were black with a white bow around it, and white rose pedals were on the dance floor,some wore black mask, and other wore white mask. its everything you would expect at a black and white ball! And then a slow song came on and Me and Louis had our first slow dance! It was really sweet! I didn't know how i deserved to be with a guy like him! We looked at each other and passionately kissed! It was the best feeling ever... Louis said he was gonna get us some drinks.. I waited for about 5 minutes.. and decided to look for him. Then i went and looked in the hallways! And I saw them Louis and another girl making out! I couldn't see the girls face but when i saw them my eyes became watery! Louis saw me and said,"Wait Diana. its not what it looks like." Then i slapped him and ran. Grace and Heather was right. He was just using me. 
Grace's P.O.V
The white and black ball looked amazing! When me and zayn was going to sit I saw Diana and Louis dancing! It made me smile They were such a great couple! Then the next slow song cam on and i pulled zayn to the dance floor.
"Umm babe, i dont know how to dance."he said nervously.
I just laughed he was so cute when he was nervous and bit his lip. 
"Its not funny!"he said 
He just looked at me! But i just taught him how to dance and near the end of the song we looked up and we were inches away.Zayn leaned in and our lips locked and we kissed slow and passionantley. We seperated then smiled at eachother for awhile. Then i tried looking for Diana! She wasn't in the auditorium.. I kept looking and looking but didn't find her!
"I need to look for diana shes not here.." I told zayn. 
he just nodded and sat down.
I found her she was in the girls bathroom. Crying her eyes out!
I asked,"Whats Wrong?" 
she said,"I saw Louis making out with another girl!"
my first were clenched! I Knew not to trust Louis!!! 
I said to,"Diana wait here.." 
I looked for Louis I couldn't find him! I asked Harry where he was he asked,"why do you need him?" i told him what happened and he was pissed! I didnt know why! He asked where Diana was and he went running to her! I found Louis he was sitting there! i took him by the wrist and pulled him out of the audotirum to yell at him. 
"You bitch!! How can you do that to her!!" i yelled and slapped him then left to get diana but he pulled my wrist.
"LET ME EXPLAIN!" he yelled.. which got my attention
Harry's P.O.V I was really pissed at Louis! He shouldn't have done that to Diana! I guess you can say I like Diana! I mean it was unexpected to me too! When i saw her with Louis the first time we wrere at the amusement park i was really sad! I only told Liam how i felt about Diana! I walked up to the girl's bathroom! I saw her! She was so beautiful! She looked up! And started to cry more! I hugged her and say "Ssshh...it's ok" We stayed there for a while! Then i decided to sing so she'll calm downmore.
Heathers POV.
They all left to go to the ball leaving me and Niall all alone. 
"Are we going to stay here?" I asked.
"No.. lets go to my place my mom wont come back until Sunday.. but we can stay here for awhile.." Niall said
"Okaay!" i said.
We turned on the TV and was just cuddling not really watching TV. i just stared at Niall studying his face.
"Im sorry." I blurted out
"What for babe?"Niall said.
"Because of me we couldnt go to the Ball." i said feeling guilty.
"No! Its okay Babe. As long as im with you i dont care where we are." he said while he held me closer. 
It felt so good to be in his arms.
Nialls POV.
"Because of me we couldnt go to the Ball." heather said.
I can see the guilt in her eyes. Which made the plan even better.
"No! Its okay Babe. As long as im with you i dont care where we are." i told her truthfully.
After a few minutes a decided we should go my house now for the plan. It was no 7 oclock. 
"Cmon babe lets go to my house yeah?"I said.
"Mmkay." she said getting up and borrowing Graces clothes since she hadnt went home yet.I felt really guilty and i knew we had to fix that problem soon. 
Then she said,"Im ready lets go!"
I went to the car while Heather locked up Graces house. I cant wait to see her face when she sees the plan.
Heathers POV.
After a short car ride to Nialls house we went out to go in the house. He told me to head to his room since he had to use the loo.
Nialls POV. 
I told her i had to use the loo when i was actually checking my backyard. I had a candle lit picnic ready for her and a boombox filled with our favorite songs and a slow song at the end so we can feel like we're actually at the ball. I then quickly got into my suit and got her corsage.
Heathers POV. 
when i got to his room there was a box and a note. I looked at the note 
I knew how much you wanted to go to the Ball so with the help of Grace i bought this dress for you... Put it on and go to the backyard.xx Niall"
I couldnt help but smile. Note to self thank Grace later.
I opened the box and there was a beautiful White dress. It had one strap and layers near the end it was gorgeous. I put it on and it was a perfect fit. Then i noticed heels and put them on as well.. Then i ran to the backyard excited to see what niall has done. I got there.. It was beautiful. There was candles everywhere. And a picnic blanket in the middle with all me and nialls favorite food. Then Niall. He stood in the middle with roses and my corsage in is hand. He was also looking fiine with a tux. I went over there and hugged niall.
"Youre beautiful." he said
i smiled and blushed.. then he handed me the corsage and roses.
"Niall, this is beautiful thank you." i said
"Anything for you babe." Niall said while kissing my cheek.
"Okay lets eat!" he said.
I just laughed and nodded.
We ate all our favorite food. And was FULL. The whole night was perfect. 
Then he turned out the boombox and a slow song came on.
"May i have this dance?" He said.
i nodded and we danced the night away. The song came to a end and me and niall were inches away and our lips locked and i felt the sparks.. today was perfect. Niall was perfect.

Graces POV.
"LET ME EXPLAIN." louis yelled which caught my eye.
"Just let me explain." he says less louder.
"Okay." i said.
"I was just going to get drinks for diana and me but then Katherine.. She told me that Diana went to the hallway with another guy. I was stupid enough to believe her.. so i went to check. And she pushed me against the lockers. And she just jumped on me,locking lips. i was shocked.. after a few seconds i started to push her back but it was too late Diana saw me with teary eyes." He said looking geniuly hurt. 
"Okay we need to tell Diana . Now. Be right back kay?" 
he nodded.
I went to the girls bathroom. And i just seen Harry and Diana locking lips. What just happened.

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