Just to Love You

First off! My name is Diana Chavez! I was born in San Francisco California! I moved away for 6 years! I had to go away because my dad landed a job in New York. Before i moved i had 2 best friends! One of them was Grace the other one was Heather we new each other in elementary but we never spoke before until MIDDLE SCHOOL! Then we all just became best friends! But i had to move away! Now Im back! Im going to Balboa High School where my friends are!


14. S-L-U-T-S

Dianas POV.
The class just started... And still no sign of Heather. I was getting a bit worried. The teacher, Mrs.Kuki started to take attendance. 
"Heather,Heather Espinoza?" She repeated.
" I swore i seen her this morning.." she said.
" Maybe she's ditching!!" a girl said. 
I have no idea who she is but she looks like a slut. she had a mini skirt, a really revealing tank top, and really high heels. Her face was also caked in make up. 
"Yeah, Angelica.. Maybee?" The teacher said.
So im guessing the slut's name is angelica. I honestly dont judge but she's just so ugggh!!
"Ugh, i hope heather is ditching today.. theyre always looking at my man niall!! espicially that slut heather!" another girl commented.
"I so agree with you delaineyshe is a  slut." angelica replied. 
So the other slut's name is delainey? and she goes out with niall... i feel bad for niall.
At this point, i was furious i wanted to slap all their make up of their faces for talking about my bestfriends. But i couldnt.. Id get in so much trouble and probably have to move back to NY. 
"No, shes not i came here to school with her. And she told me she's just using the bathroom." i said not wanting Heather to get in trouble.
"Oh okay thank you.." she said.
"Who are you anyways!!" angelica snarled. 
"She's a new student. And we are not rude to new students here miss.hollins.(angelicas last name)" the teacher spoke.
i just smirked and looked away.
After the attendance the teacher said," Okay class , as you know we have a new student. She'll introduce herself and talk about herself."
"I-im Diana Chaves. I was born and raised her but when i was 12 i m-moved to NY because my dad got a job there and i wanted to move back here for the rest of highschool and college." i stuttered.
"WOW, A-m-a-z-i-n-g. " angelica said sarcastically. The whole class laughed.. so im guessing the slut's popular? -.-
"Miss.hollins!" the teacher said.
"Okay now class introduce yourselfs on your freetime. Now open up to page 159 in your english textbooks."
I opened my book to 159 but the class was going to end in 20 minutes and Heather still isnt here.....
Chapter 16
Heathers P.O.V
I heard someone call my name.. It was Diana. 
So i went up to her she asked me,"Where were you did you skip class there were these girls that we calling you and Grace sluts!"
I knew who she was talking about! Angelica and Delainey... Me and Delainey we werent in the best terms when i first came here she would be really really nice to me but then something happened and she just started to bully me.. But i would always ignore her! 
I looked back at Diana I said,"I was with Niall... we lost track of time, we were talking a lot..."
She said Ok not lets get to class" Then we went to our last classes before lunch History & P.E
I wasnt really listening in class. I was thinking of niall.. but i knew it would never happen so i started to try to listen to class... Soon the bell rang and everyone left to go to their lockers or the cafeteria.
Then we went to eat lunch.. We caught up with Grace and we sat down. We were about to start talking when Louis,Niall,Zayn,Harry,Liam and the 2 sluts came over to our table... Oh how fun.


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