Just to Love You

First off! My name is Diana Chavez! I was born in San Francisco California! I moved away for 6 years! I had to go away because my dad landed a job in New York. Before i moved i had 2 best friends! One of them was Grace the other one was Heather we new each other in elementary but we never spoke before until MIDDLE SCHOOL! Then we all just became best friends! But i had to move away! Now Im back! Im going to Balboa High School where my friends are!


4. Shocked

 Diana's P.O.V After that we went inside. Heather wasnt really a big fan of these kinds of stuff.. So she just stood there with her phone playing! After staring at her i felt someone putting something behind me! It was Grace i took down the sticker and it said "I'm Stupid" my eyes popped! Grace was laughing! I tried to catch up to her but then i slipped and fell down! Heather saw me she was running to me! She helped me up! I said "Thanks Heath" but then i looked up it wasnt her! It was a very very attractive boy! I saw him! and i saw Heather and Grace there faces werent very pleasant! After that i said Thanks to the boy who helped me up! He said his name was Louis, Louis Tomlinson. I mummbled well that suits you! He smiled! I blushed a bit! After that he said "Well i was wondering if you wanna go out sometime" I nodded! Then i looked at Grace and Heathers face... Grace was smiling a bit and Heather she didnt seem really happy! So then we exchanged numbers! After that i got a text ! "From Louis: I cant wait for our date tonight" I smiled I texted back saying "Me too! Where are we going anyways" he said Its a suprise Darling ;D" Then me, Heather and Grace went and bought a outfit for tonight! 

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