Just to Love You

First off! My name is Diana Chavez! I was born in San Francisco California! I moved away for 6 years! I had to go away because my dad landed a job in New York. Before i moved i had 2 best friends! One of them was Grace the other one was Heather we new each other in elementary but we never spoke before until MIDDLE SCHOOL! Then we all just became best friends! But i had to move away! Now Im back! Im going to Balboa High School where my friends are!


20. Revenge, Love

: Diana P.O.V
I really wanted to be with Louis... But i couldnt trust him just yet! I didn't know who the girl he was making out with yet! But if i did know i knew i would beat the shit out of her... When me and Louis finished hugging we went to the car it was silent! He dropped me off! I quickly ran up stairs took my heels off, and just went to bed! I was so lazy to even take off my dress or my makeup! I just driftly fell asleep... The next morning! I woke up! By my phone buzzing! It was Heather! I picked up... 
Heather screamed say,"OMG! Diana i'm so sorry i just heard what Louis did to you you want me to beat his ass!"
I laughed a bit and said "Hell yah" I said Sarcastically!
Then she said,"But are you ok?" 
I said "Yah, he said the girl forced him to kiss her.."
she said "Wait, you don't know who it was!" 
I said,"Nope."
She was shocked!
She said,"Well we found out me and Grace are gonna beat her ass! And i'll tell you later what happens" I laughed and we said Bye to each other
Heather's P.O.V I woke up... Besides Nialler again! I gotta say i could get use to this! I didn't even want to go back home! I just kept staring at him! Until he woke up... I just smiled at him! I got up and made breakfast! Then, I told Niall what happened to Diana and Louis... He was pissed to! After, i said who it was he said "What a slut,shes just trying to get back at you guys" he said! I had a feeling it was that to... Then I got up and called Diana I thought she would be broken and crying but she wasn't she sounded like herself I was happy! Then i called Grace, so I met her at Starbucks! I got into my car and drove! She was already there.. I waved and sat down!
 Graces POV.
I was meeting up with Heather to discuss this whole sitution. Then I quickly went to Starbucks to meet Heather. She wasnt there yet so i ordered for her. One Frappo, and one hot chocolate then sat down and waited for her. Then she came in. She sat down.
"Hi." i said giving her, her drink.
"Hi, and thanks.. so what exactly happened?" she asked.
"Okay, well Louis said he was gonna get drinks for them but Katherine told Louis that Diana went outside with a guy. So Louis went out and thats when Katherine made her move, Louis said he tried to move but Diana was already there watching him. And then Diana of course started to cry and thats when she went to the bathroom. I followed her and she told me that Louis was kissing a girl and she doesnt know who she was. So i went to look for Louis i asked Harry and he didnt know where Louis was but he went to Diana cause he was worried. And then i saw Louis.He told me all that. Then i came back to Diana but i saw her kissing Harry. Turns out Harry likes Diana... And well yeah. BOTTOM POINT ITS ALL KATHERINES FAULT." i said really really fast.
"OH, & i threw apple sider all over her 1000 dollar dress and then slapped her."
She high fived me... 
" But anyways.. KATHERINE IS A SLUT. I AM SO DONE WITH HER." Heather said.
"And speaking of the devil..." i said 
Heather looked confused.
So i pointed to the door. And we had the same idea.
"Gang up on her?" i asked
And she smirked and nodded. I love this chick.
Then we got up.. 
Katherine didnt notice us though. So we threw our drinks away.. Then waited for her outside.. She had like 4 drinks in her hand.. So i tripped her. 
"WHAT THE FUCK!" she said till she saw us.
We both smirked. Her face was priceless! She was so scared.
"What was that again?" heather said while her lips were in a smirk.
"I dont want trouble." She said.
"Well you should of thought of that last night huh?" i said.
She then just started walking.
"Where are you going?" Heather asked.
Then katherine turned around and slapped Heather . i was so shocked. Then i quickly grabbed Katherine by the hair and tugged it. And quickly punched her right in the face. Then Heather had a go. She punched her right in the gut. 
"You have no idea how much i wanted to do that from all those years." heather said while smirking.
We then left her on the floor. 
"FUCK YOU!" she screamed. 
i scoffed and said,"And she still had the nerve to say that."
Oh well. We then left to go to Dianas house. Diana's P.O.V
I got a text from Grace saying Her and Heather are coming over.... After 10 minutes the door bell rung! I opened it! It was Heather and Grace with a tub of Ice Cream, and other junk food! We just talked and talked! Then, we talked about me and Louis... Heather thinks I should give him a second chance! So does Grace too.. I told them that i didn't trust him... Then.. 
Grace said,"Guess who it was, the girl who made out with Louis or forced?"
I said,"Who?"
They both said,"Katherine."
I was pissed at her! I thought we took care of her! Now I seriously have to beat her ass up again!
Then Grace and Heather were smiling..,"I asked them why they were smiling?" 
They both screamed," We beat her ass! At Starbucks!"
I jumped up and said "Really?" 
They both stod up and said,"YEAH!" Heather said,"Hell yah, it felt good to hit that bitch!"
I just laughed! Then we decided we would go out to eat dinner!
 Grace's P.O.V
After the dinner last night, I was so tired.. and I got up around 12 ish. Then i got a text from Zayn saying "Hey babe, Were going on a date tonight I'll pick you at 7!" 
I smiled and replied,"Sounds cool babe. see you then."
i decided to meet up with Heather,since She needed to talk to someone Its gonna be her first time meeting Niall's parents! She was really nervous! So I decided we should go shopping.. Diana was busy with her homework.. She took A.P Math I don't even know why though... Me and Heather went to Forever 21 I bought 2 pairs of skinny jeans,and 2 shirts.. Heather didn't get anything... Then we went to Hollister... I bought jeans again ,and Heather just got a jacket... After that Heather dropped me off and i got ready for my date with Zayn... I wore a blue dress and a white laced cardigan and my favorite white converse. I put on mascara, a litle bit of eyeliner ,and some lipstick and put my hair in a braid. Then i heard the bell ring! I said bye to my brother since my parents were still at the business trip..And opened the door.. Zayn was there in a tux! And my gawd He was fine! I said to myself! Then, he opened the door and said "You look gorgeous!" I blushed a lil.. 
"Its cute when you blush." Zayn said.
"Aww, Thanks babe." I said.
I then hugged him. And we seperated slowly. So now our faces were a few inches away. Zayn was leaning in slowly when , " GET A ROOM!" my brother yelled.
"SHUTTUP!" i said.
Zayn was just standing there awkwardly he never seen my brother..
"Oh shit, I need to get my bag real quick. You guys... mingle.. ?" i said awkwardly.
I ran upstairs to look for my purse. I found it under my bed .. howd it get there? oh well. i went back down and i seen my brother and zayn laughing.. weird? oh well. I quickly grabbed zayn and said,"Bye BRO!! See ya tomorrow?" 
"oh, Grace ... GET SOME!" adrian said.
"Ha.Ha. Loser." i said
Then me and zayn went in the car.
"Sorry.. my brother isnt like the most nice,kind brothers. He's mean!" i said to Zayn
"No problem... And your brother actually does care. When you left he said hurt her and i hurt you." Zayn said.
"Foreal? My brother?! "
"yeah seriously."he replied.
"Aww! im gonna text him!" i said.
Zayn just laughed.
"Hi Bro! I Looove You!" i said reading out the text. Send.
"Ew. Go away. Why are you talking to me arent you suppose to be having sex with Zayn?" i said reading out Adrians text.
Zayn just laughing at me.
"Youre the best bro ever! Whatevr bye loser." i said replying to him.
Before i knew it we were here!

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