Just to Love You

First off! My name is Diana Chavez! I was born in San Francisco California! I moved away for 6 years! I had to go away because my dad landed a job in New York. Before i moved i had 2 best friends! One of them was Grace the other one was Heather we new each other in elementary but we never spoke before until MIDDLE SCHOOL! Then we all just became best friends! But i had to move away! Now Im back! Im going to Balboa High School where my friends are!


7. Planning

Graces POV.
After a loong day of shopping and talking. We were finally going home. And getting some rest before we help diana on her date tomorrow. Even though heather and i still disapprove. I sat in the passanger sit while heather was driving and diana was in the back seat listening to her music on her cellphone. It was waay to loud for her to hear us. And she was probably falling asleep anyways.
"I cant believe she wants to go on a date with louis." Heather said.
"I know. Hes such a dick. He'll just use her and throw her away the next day." i said.
"Yeah, but Diana isnt like that." heather replied.
" I know she isnt. But Louis wont stop till he gets her." i explained.
"i know. i know. We should SPY on them!!" heather commented.
" oh my gosh thats a great idea! so if he trys something we'll stop him!  " i replied.
"okay! but we have to make sure she doesnt see us or she'll think we dont trust her."she said.
Then we made a stop. And i realized i was outside of my house. i said goodbye to both of them and went straight to bed , not even bothering to say hi to my annoying older brother. i cant wait for him to go move out !


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