Just to Love You

First off! My name is Diana Chavez! I was born in San Francisco California! I moved away for 6 years! I had to go away because my dad landed a job in New York. Before i moved i had 2 best friends! One of them was Grace the other one was Heather we new each other in elementary but we never spoke before until MIDDLE SCHOOL! Then we all just became best friends! But i had to move away! Now Im back! Im going to Balboa High School where my friends are!



    I lost some of my chapters so it'll probably be out of order! Haha.. So some main events were 

1. Niall and Heather got each others feeling out and Niall broke up with Delainey. 


2. There are new characters like Katherine she was a past of Heather and Grace she would bully them.. and another character Kezia, she will play the love interest to Liam 


3. Louis and Diana are still staying strong! for a while! 


4. Zayn and Grace are together! yay!! 


5. None of you will probably answer! Lool! I feel like im talking to myself! cause no one comments or likes! but i just write these because me and my friend was bored one day so here i am now... 

But anyways if any of you want me to put Ashton, Michael, Calum, and Luke! Then comment! So i could rewrite and put some! or Like so i wont feel like im talking by myself! Haha! 

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