Just to Love You

First off! My name is Diana Chavez! I was born in San Francisco California! I moved away for 6 years! I had to go away because my dad landed a job in New York. Before i moved i had 2 best friends! One of them was Grace the other one was Heather we new each other in elementary but we never spoke before until MIDDLE SCHOOL! Then we all just became best friends! But i had to move away! Now Im back! Im going to Balboa High School where my friends are!


13. Bumping each other

Chapter 13:
Heathers P.O.V
I went to the bathroom... And came out rushly! I didnt even look and opened the door and i hit someone! He fell down!
I said ,"Oh my god! Im so sorry!" 
I looked at him..It was Niall I just kept saying Sorry over and over again even though i kinda hated him and their group. I was kinda shy! Whenever i looked at him all i could see was his beautful blue eyes! I would just blush right when i see them...
Then i said to myself," Snap out of it! You cant like him!"
Then I ran but i slipped!

Nialls P.O.V
I was passing by the bathrooms when i saw a door open! It was coming so fast. Then i fell on the ground! Then i saw her the girl i crushed on for so long! Her long hair covered her face! And her dark brown eyes looked at me! I couldnt even say anything! She was just so beautiful! She helped me up and said Sorry! She just ran! I turned around and i heard a big thump! I looked it was Heather she fell and slipped! I ran to her! 
"Ow, ow ,ow ." She repeated.
I helped her up.
"Thanks... i guess thats what i get for hitting you?" she said while smiling.
I didnt want to make her feel guilty so i quickly said "Its not your fault i was too close to the girls bathroom anyways!"
Then we just sat down and talked and talked about the most randomest things. From getting to know eachother to Pandas. We didnt even know that we missed class! It was really amazing to talk to her! She was so funny! Then we stopped laughing... we looked at each other in the eyes! It was like it was just us and no one else! Then the bell rang! She got up and walked away! I pulled her hand she turned around.
I said,"Heather" I was gonna ask her our but i remember i was dating Delainey! I mean we werent that serious anyways... I dont even have feelings for her..  But i knew if i even asked her out she would say No, be cause she doesnt favor our group that much.. So i didnt ask her, I just said "You should sit with us at lunch" She smiled Then we went to class 

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