Friendship or True love?

Eighteen year-old Gracie Bell has been best friends with Eleanor Calder for as long as she can remember, but what would happen if Eleanor's boyfriend Louis Tomlinson falls for her? Gracie can't afford to lose another friend, but are her feelings for Louis too strong to ignore? In the end will Gracie chose friendship of true love?


1. The beginning

Hey guys this is my first fanfic so let me know if you like it... If you guys don't like it I'm probably not going to finish it. If you have any suggestions and stuff just let me know C:



Gracie's P.O.V. :
"Hey, Eleanor", I said. "How do I look?" We decided to go shopping while the boys were at an interview. I looked in the mirror and saw a short blonde girl with long curly hair, freckles, and blue-green eyes. I tried on a pretty orange sundress that caught my eye.
"You look great, you should buy it", El said. I ended up buying the dress and a few other items from the store. After we picked out something for El we headed back to the flat.
The boys were home early and we decide to watch Toy Story. Harry volunteered to go get the soda, Niall and Liam went to go pick up the movie, Zayn went to go get some pizza, and El went to go pick up Danny and Perrie. Now it was just me and Louis left.

Louis P.O.V.:
Everybody left and now its just me and Gracie left alone. "Whats up?", she said. Just her talking gave me the butterflies. NO! Louis stop. You're dating Eleanor, the love of your life. Why are you thinking about Gracie, anyway? We have never had anything romantic. Ever. I looked up and realized Gracie was looking at me and waiting for an answer. "Nothing, really."

Gracie's P.O.V. :
"Oh, ok" Why did he take so long to answer me? He's been acting so strange lately... I looked up and mine and louis eyes locked instantly. I blushed and quickly looked back down. I know louis is dating El, but I can't help myself if I find him really cute and funny.

Louis P.O.V.:
She looked up and I looked into her eyes. A thousand emotions ran through my head at that very moment. I leaned in to kiss her, but then the door swung open and I instantly pulled back. Everybody pilled in and luckily El was the last one in the room.

Gracie's P.O.V. :
Did Louis just try to kiss me? No, don't flatter yourself. Besides, he is dating Eleanor, anyway. He would never want a girl like me. Would he?
Everybody got settled down and we watched the movie. Half way through the movie I got tired and drove back to my flat. That night I couldn't Sleep because I couldn't stop myself from thinking about Louis.

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