Friendship or True love?

Eighteen year-old Gracie Bell has been best friends with Eleanor Calder for as long as she can remember, but what would happen if Eleanor's boyfriend Louis Tomlinson falls for her? Gracie can't afford to lose another friend, but are her feelings for Louis too strong to ignore? In the end will Gracie chose friendship of true love?


5. Let The Hate Begin

Chapter 5
Gracie's P.O.V.
I got a call from Eleanor and answered it after two rings.
"Hi Gracie, what time to you want to go shopping today?" I forgot to tell Niall. I'll tell him later.
"Hmmm, can you pick me up and noon?"
"Sure, i'll see you then girlie"
"Haha, bye." I walked into our room and woke up Niall. "Niall wake up" No response. "Niall wake up!" Still no response. I jumped on him and started tickling him. "Wakie wakie!" He started to wake up and laughed then, rolled over and started tickling me. "Mercy!" "Mercy!" I said and laughed. Niall stood up and looked at me.
"Now you have to explain why you woke me up"
"Me and Eleanor are going shopping at noon and I wanted you to know." I giggled. He picked me up. Carried me out of the room and sat me on the couch.
"Ok, good"
"Why good?" I crossed my arms and looked at him questioningly.
"1) It gives me time to move my stuff in hear and
"2) It gives me time to tell the boys."
"Ok" I giggled and Niall kissed me on the nose. I took a shower Blow dried my hair, wore it down in my usual hair. Naturally curly, Ugh. I slipped on a black over sized sweater, light blue skinny jeans, and cobalt wedge booties. I did my make up and heard a honk outside.
"Thats my ride, sweetie, I have to go"
"Ok" He said and kissed me and I walked out of the door.


"Ok, Eleanor. Last time I bought some thing now its your turn" I said.
"Ok" she giggled. I Pulled a long sleeved lace dress with a tan belt and tan flats.
"Try this on" I demanded.
"Ok" she said. She came out wearing it and my jaw dropped.
"Eleanor, you buying that right?"
"Should I?"
"Ok, now its your turn" She said. I sat patiently and after she came back I ran into the dressing room and tried it on. I looked In the mirror. I was wearing studded high waisted shorts, with a sheer floral print collared shirt with some vans. I am in love with this outfit! I walked out of the dressing room and turned to Eleanor.
"I'm buying this!" she looked at me and walked away. She came back with a pair of light pink studded flats. I put them on.
"Much better" She said. We bought our stuff and I decided to wear my outfit home. 
At home, Niall was eating when I walked in.
"Well, look at you!" He said, and I started to laugh. "You know what would look better on you?" He asked. I blushed and said "What?"
"Nothing" I giggled and he picked me up and carried me to the Bedroom. He laid me down and started kissing. He was already shirtless, so I took his pants of and he took my top and my shorts off.

I woke up the next morning and got dressed. I put on my orange sundress and a pair of flats. I brushed my hair and did my make up.
"Niall wake up!" He woke up and saw his clothes on the floor and smiled.
"Well, last night was fun" He said. I couldn't help but blush.
"If the hole neighbor hood didn't know my name, they do now!" I was embarrassed so I took my pillow and threw it at him.
"What was that for?"
"What do you think?"
"Get up and make breakfast." Niall got dressed.
"I don't want to make breakfast" He said, "So lets go out!" We got in the car and drove to a little restaurant and sat at a window table and ate. I few fans came over and asked for his autograph. He took a picture with her and she looked at me. 
"Excuse me?"
"Lets go Gracie." We left and af course the paparazzi were there. Great. After meeting that girl I realized something. I'm dating Niall Horan. Of course I was going to get hate. I don't care. Let the hate begin.

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