Friendship or True love?

Eighteen year-old Gracie Bell has been best friends with Eleanor Calder for as long as she can remember, but what would happen if Eleanor's boyfriend Louis Tomlinson falls for her? Gracie can't afford to lose another friend, but are her feelings for Louis too strong to ignore? In the end will Gracie chose friendship of true love?


3. I liked her first

Louis P.O.V.
I put on my pajamas and got ready to go to bed. I checked my phone. I had over twenty texts from Eleanor. I texted her back, 'Eleanor I am going out with Gracie, now, i'm sorry we didn't work out - 

"Gracie, the boys and I have an interview in the morning, so I won't be here."
"Mmk, goodnight" she said.
I left early in the morning, but made Gracie breakfast before I went. I walked out side and got in the car with the boys.
"So" Harry said. "I heard you and Elenor got in a fight.."
"Yeah we did, but I'm with Gracie now"
"Dibs on Eleanor" Harry said. I sent him a death glare.
"I was just joking, Louis"
"Its ok", I said.
I looked over and saw that Niall was upset.
"Whats wrong, Niall?" I asked.
"Nothing I'm just hungry"
"Ok, we'll pick up Nandos on the way"
"Ok!". He smiled. I always hated when any one in the band is upset.

Niall's P.O.V.
I always new Louis had a thing for Gracie, but I liked her first. The only one who knew was Liam. Earlier today when Louis announced he was dating Gracie he sent me a sad look. Don't get me 

wrong, I'm really happy for him, but seeing him with Gracie just makes me tick. Honestly every time I see them kiss I wish it was me. I liked Gracie for so long and it kills me to see her with Louis. I 

guess I was to late and I already lost my chance.

Sorry its a really short chapter I kind of ran out of inspiration. But hopefully I will have more soon! C: ~ Ally

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