Can I believe what just happened?!?!

You and Niall are madly in love. All the romantic dates, sweet talks, adorable songs, every thing is so perfect with you guys. Even though you have fights you still work it out. Its like you are in a fairy tale! The next morning you get a call early in the morning. You are absolutely broken, you believe this just happened??


11. Wow I really feel dumb!

"Niall I am to young for this to happen!! I am not going to say yes to this engagment!!'

He pulled the flowers from behind his back in his right hand and chocolates from his left hand.

"I wasn't going to ask you if you would marry me... I'm to young for that to!! All I wanted to do was surprise you with this stuff since you have been going through a rough time with all this."

Wow when he said that I really, really, really, really felt dumb at that moment. And not just a little imbarrased more like 100% imbarrased.

"Umm... lets just say that I am totally embarrased, stuipd, and humilated!! i can't belive that i thought you would do that. Niall I am so sorry!"

"thats okay I totally understand how you think I was doing that" He started laughing and all I wanted to do was leave the room that instant but I couldn't because I was hookked up to all thes IV's so I just put all the blankets over my head and made a moaning sound! After a while the girls left because the were all  going on a date with their boyfriends so that ment Harry wasn't coming to see me even though he said he would. But I totally  understand... If Niall and I were all fine we would be out every second of every day with each other! But its not like that anymore sadly. It was soon getting very late and Niall and I decided to go to bed at like 2:00 in the morning.

That morning I sttarted to think about what kept me up all night last night... Would Niall and I ever have children or were we just going to be friends for the rest of our lives.

"Hey babe hows it goin??"

"Not much, just thinking"

"What you thinking about??'

"well... Umm I don't know how to put this but, do you think we will have kids once yopu get to know me very well and get our relationship going"

"Well theres one thing I need to know. Are we a thing because in my mind we are??"

"Of course we are!"

" Oh well then when we get married we will  have kids and be the best married couple ever!"

"But theres one thing I'm scared about, What if I die of this stuipd brain tumor like my mother did, what if I don't make it to get married and have kids"

"Cheyenne, remember what you said to me, you said that I have to be tough and work things out. I have to challenge my problems and not run away from them. Just think posotive and things will turn out like that... Never give up!"


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