Can I believe what just happened?!?!

You and Niall are madly in love. All the romantic dates, sweet talks, adorable songs, every thing is so perfect with you guys. Even though you have fights you still work it out. Its like you are in a fairy tale! The next morning you get a call early in the morning. You are absolutely broken, you believe this just happened??


9. Time away

That night I called Harry so I could talk to Niall. He should know by now that he can't escape me that I am always going to find a way to reach him. The phone rang, rang, and rang some more then...

'Hey Harry hows it goin?'

' Just talking to Kylee, Cambelle, and Austin'

' Oh well wheres Kenzie and Justin at that huge party' I started giggling, I am so horrible at sarcasim

'Wow, but I think they are out watchin a movie. But what do you want I know you don't call on a regular basis'

'Umm well Niall won't answer his phone and he hasn't seen me in forever. Is he possibly at your place'

'Yeahh i'll give the phone to him real quick'

I waited for awhile and i could hear Niall talkng in the background. I tried not to listen because i'm sure he was saying that he didn't want to talk to me.

'Umm hi.. whats up'

'Okay Niall why haven't you texted, called, or seen me in weeks?!?!'

'Just give me some time to think, sheesh'

'Niall you have had weeks to think about it, just come see me you are the only thing that I have left!! The only person that loves me truly'

I could hear him crying in the background. I didn't mean to make him cry I just wanted him to still have faith in what we had and what we will have. There was suddenly an akward silence.

'Niall you can't just run away from the problems in your life, you have to challenge and face them'

'Umm Cheyenne Niall gave the phone back to me, Harry, he left the house and I don't know where he is going'

'Oh my gosh, maybe he went outside to get some fresh air. He will probably be back in soon'

After awhile Niall still wasn't back in the house. I had already stopped talking to Harry and decided to go to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes the door opened and the bright light outside of my room nearly scared me to death.

"Who is it??" I really wanted to know, I hope it was Niall

"Baby, it's Niall. I'm so sorry for not seeing you for such a long time. I should of been here all along to support you and espiccally make sure you're never alone!"

"It's okay just don't ever leave me alone for that long again!! Do you promise?!?!"

" Oh I so promise!"

That night Niall never left my side. When I really needed something he would get it for me no matter how late it was and he never complained. I swear to god he is the guy I have always dreamed of. But of course he is every girls dream boy, he's Niall Freaking Horan from One Direction. Who wouldn't want him! In the morning I woke up with a huge grin on my face, I had a feeling this was going to be the best day ever!! Niall woke up about 30-45 minutes after I did and he explained his so real dream it was about him and I. It was amazing!!

"Niall, wait just a second, that dream, there is something that's amazing about what you just said..."

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