Can I believe what just happened?!?!

You and Niall are madly in love. All the romantic dates, sweet talks, adorable songs, every thing is so perfect with you guys. Even though you have fights you still work it out. Its like you are in a fairy tale! The next morning you get a call early in the morning. You are absolutely broken, you believe this just happened??


4. Tears and memories

I was so surprised at what the boys had done to surprise me. I couldn't believe they got some of Nialls memory back. But the memory was just about Niall knowing about One Direction getting 3rd on The X-Factor. Atleast he is slowly getting his memoryback though. I walk in his room and I just can't handle it tears start rolling down my cheeks.

" Hey Niall"

" Umm... hello"

                                                                                          Nialls P.O.V

As Cheyenne walks through the door i think that she looks so familiar but i know that i don't know her. Cheyenne is just so pretty thats all. Thats all i think is that she is just so beautiful for me.

" It's Cheyenne right?"

I was so  nerves when i said that, I just didn't want her to take it the wrong way like i knew her. Because i don't think the boys told her about them telling me her name.


I could tell the excitemen tand hope in her voice. I could tell she thought i got her memory back about her.

" Don't mean to get your hopes down but the boys just told me yuor name and a little bit about you" I imformed her

The boys told me I was her boyfriend and all that. I just really hope i can begin to get my memory backabout her and love her again like she loves me right now.

" Thats okay" she finally said

" And i know i don't know you at this point and this seems to early for me to say but it might not for you but... I hope i can love you someday again like you love me unconditionaly!"

                                                                                         Cheyenne's P.O.V

Right when he said that i knew that there was hope and good thoughts to think about.

" I hope for that too"

I decided that at lunch that day that i would bring him something to eat and pictures of us. But before that i have to imform my friends because they still don't know. As i was leaving the hospital I texted all my friends letting them know to meet me at my place. As i drove up the drive way i saw Justins car already here so he must of picked everybody up. When i walked in the house I could tell everybody is wondering whats going on.

" Hey guys"

" Hey whats going on?" Cambelle asks

" Just sit down i'll tell you"

I hope i don't start crying when i tell them this because I've had enough of it. I want to be tear free!

"well last night at midnight Niall-"

His name just broke me apart.

"Last night Niall was driving to my place and crached head on into a truck. He hit his head on thee glass and the airbag knocked him out cold and his car started rolling." The tears started rolling down my cheeks but i just wiped them away. " I went to the hospital and the boys told me that Niall lost his memory from the last 5 years. When i went into the room he kept on screaming that he doesn't know me and to get out"

By then everybody was comforting me and apologizing. But I didn't want to hear that. I wanted to hear that everything is going to be alright and that he will get his memory back. Thats all i want to hear!

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