Can I believe what just happened?!?!

You and Niall are madly in love. All the romantic dates, sweet talks, adorable songs, every thing is so perfect with you guys. Even though you have fights you still work it out. Its like you are in a fairy tale! The next morning you get a call early in the morning. You are absolutely broken, you believe this just happened??


8. Please just come!!

" Niall whats wrong?!?!"

Why wasn't he telling me? Is it really that bad?

" Niall I can see the tears in your eyes something has to be wrong just tell me" I started to shout

" Cheyenne you have a brain tumor. Is that really what you wanted to hear?!"

Niall ran out of the room in frustration. But how could this really be happening. Maybe this is a sign that things aren't going to work out. Maybe it just wants me and Niall to be apart. But as Niall told me whatr was wrong he had some anger in his voice, could he really be mad at me or was he just sad.

" Cheyenne wheres Niall at? I thought he was with you." Liam said

" He ran out of the room to... I don't know where"

" Ohh well while i'm here do you want anything and I'm very sorry about, well you know what"

" No i'm good and thats okay i guess"

As Liam left I relized that i'm all alone. My mums dead ( she died of brain cancer) My dad well I don't know my dad and I don't think he knows me. All I had is Niall and now hes gone. My life is getting worse everyday!! I grab my phone and text Niall to see where he is. Its been an hour and he still hasn't texted back or came to see me. I know i wasn't there for Niall that much when he was in this posotion and I totally understand, I just hope I can see him soon.

   3 days have passed and my hair is falling out to where I am almost bald. Niall hasn't seen me or even texted or called me at all. All of the boys have been here everyday to support me, well everyone except Niall.

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