Can I believe what just happened?!?!

You and Niall are madly in love. All the romantic dates, sweet talks, adorable songs, every thing is so perfect with you guys. Even though you have fights you still work it out. Its like you are in a fairy tale! The next morning you get a call early in the morning. You are absolutely broken, you believe this just happened??


7. Dizziness and noodles??

At 8:35 in the morning I got up and got dressed. I slipped on my dress thats black, tight, short, and has aqua lace at the chest area and a black bow. I did my makeup and hair and as soon as i got done Harry texted me that they just pulled up the drive way. When Niall walked through the door he ran up to me and swung me around in his arms.

" I missed you!!" Niall squealed

" But you barley know me"

" That doesn't mean that I can't miss and love you every second of my life"

" Thats totally true!!" I exclaimed

The boys left to give us some private time and we had already watched 5 movies! Soon Niall and I made romen noodles for lunch. All of a sudden noodles slid down my face and head.

" Niall James Horan I will so get you!!" I screamed

I started running after him with a pot of romen noodles in my hand and I really got him good. It acually looked like he wet his pants and threw up on his shirt LOL!!! After awhile I got really dizzy, hot, and my head started pounding like a drum. I started walking to Niall and i said his name but his responce was behind me so I turned around and everything went black!

                                                                               Niall's P.O.V

" CHEYENNE!!" I yelled and caught her in my arms as she fell. I imediatly called 9-1-1 and the ambulance took her away. When i got to the hospital they were doing tests to see what was wrong. As the day went on I sat at her side the whole day. Her eyes started to flutter open.

"Cheyenne?!?" I said

" Niall?? She replied

Right then the door swung open and the doctor needed me in the hall.

" Mr. Horan, We have the results on Cheyenne and it turns out that... She has a brain tumor, I am very very sorry."

I quikly fell to my knees. i just had a very serious injury and lost my memory and now this happens.Why? Things just keep getting worse! When i walk into the room Cheyenne looks very worried. Should I tell her at this moment?

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