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1. Prologue

Tania’s P.O.V ><

Inside our spacecraft...

We are on our way to Planet Earth for some reason unknown to me. My super annoying and extremely idiotic teammate/ ally/ partner, Pod gets to know the reason just because he is a year older than me by a year. It is really frustrating with me being stuck with him and sometimes I really feel like strangling him. I seriously have no idea how I am going to survive with the JERK on Earth without us killing each other.

I have been trained on fighting and survival skills all my life for this mission and sometimes, I wonder why I was chosen and not any of the others. I am after all an orphan and the only parent figures in my life are Pod’s parents who are actually nice as compared to their son.

“Hey Nia!” Po called out.

‘What do you want Pod?” I snapped at him. I was kinda annoyed as I hadn’t been able to swim for more than a week thanks to us being on the space craft. If I wasn’t able to swim I would be in a really terrible mood for days.

“Well no need to snap at me. I was only wondering if you wanted to learn how to,” he paused dramatically, “learn how to fly this baby.” he asked gesturing to the controls of the space craft.

Hmm... This was probably just so he can sleep more BUT the trainers from home never taught me how to fly the ‘serpent’, the name of our space craft, as apparently I was too young. It is just nonsense as after all I was only a year younger then Pod. AND I have always wanted to learn how to fly...

“Hell, yeah!’ I shouted pumping my arms in the air making him laugh. I guess the only time he actually saw me excited other than when I was fighting or when I was underwater.

I have no idea why the trainers never let me do so many things. Probably because I am a girl but that is sexist. I mean seriously just because I am a girl doesn’t mean I can’t do anything you know.

Back at home I was a freak because I had no parents and I wasn’t going to school due to my training.

*A few days later*

Anyway, now I can properly fly the Serpent without any help and we should be reaching earth in like a week. I should really get some answers from Pod.

“Hey Kinnie, why are we going to Earth?”

- No Answer-

“Ugh, can you at least tell me what we are going to do once we reach Earth?”

“Well we are going to have to go to high school and we will be meeting some people from other planets. There will be 2 Gliesiers, whose planet was destroyed right after they left for Earth. There will also be 2 half Humans. A half human, half witch girl and a half human, half wizard boy.”

“Finally you decide to talk,” I muttered under my breath.

“You want to know about what we are going to do or not?” he asked one brow higher than the other.

“Yes sir, Sorry Sir,” I say mock saluting him.” But seriously how are going to know who is who?”

“That I do not know but they will be going to the same school as us. We will be living with the human/ witch girl once we find out who exactly she is.

-------------------------------------------END P.O.V--------------------------------------------------


Hanasia’s P.O.V :)

On Earth…

We just reached Earth yesterday. Nathan my super annoying teammate/ ally/ partner, says that we have a reason to be on Earth and he forgot it while I being the clumsy fool I am fell down and knocked my head, losing my memory.

He said that our home planet was destroyed, just after we left it and whenever I ask him how it was destroyed he just keeps quiet. I am pretty sure he is hiding something from me.

According to him we are one of the only Gliesiers left in the universe. I would rather be the last of my kind than continue living with him.

he said the only ting he remembers was that we have to join one of the high schools. This is just so stupid as according to Nathan I have never been to school because of mine and his busy training schedule. How I am to look like a human girl is beyond me. Even though our outer appearance is human the way I talk is otherwise.

So now we are living in the forest and I love it because I get to kill and eat whatever animal I find.

I wonder why we have to go to school.

“Hey Nathan!” I called out into the forest.

“What?” he grumbled.

“Can we not go to school? I don’t want to go to school” I whined.

“Sorry Hana but we have to go to school. It is after all the only thing I remember about the reason for coming to earth,” he said.

I don’t know why but the way he said it made me think he knew more than he was letting me know.

“Will you be in the same classes as me?” I asked. “I sure hope not,” I muttered under my breath.

“Unluckily for you, I am in all the same classes as you,” he grinned.

“What the hell Nathan!” I exclaimed. “You did that on purpose didn’t you?”

“Well obviously!” he said, “Anyways you don’t need to worry about a uniform for this school. But we do need to go shopping for some new clothes for us. We will be going shopping in a few days.” he said.

“I hate shopping” I murmured under my breath.

-------------------------------------------END P.O.V--------------------------------------------------


Leia P.O.V :D

Inside my newest house...

My parent’s are always moving house but they say this is going to b the last time we are going to move house. This house is like a castle. I mean like seriously it has 3 towers, all with bedrooms and mine is in one of them.

Every single school I have been to labels me a freak. I have no idea why even though I do know that I am not a normal human as I discovered that I am able to do magic spells at a young age but nobody else knows about that.

My father probably isn’t my real father as I look nothing like him but I am still very close with him.

Anyway if we are no longer going to move house, I need to get some friends in school. And today is my birthday. I wonder if my parents remember it. They probably do.

“Mom? Dad?” I called out not sensing them in the ‘castle’.

“Hey sweetheart we are in the backyard. Come and see it. It is awesome.” Mom said.

“Coming,” I said. Once I opened the door to the backyard, I stood there my mouth hanging open at the sight in front of me. There was a river flowing through the backyard. There was also a forest beyond the river. It was seriously breath taking and I stood there for a moment soaking in the sight.

I then ran to my parents who were standing there. My mum was hiding something behind her back.

“Happy birthday Leia!” They shouted and my dad gave me a hug. My mom gave me two sets of keys. One was for a motorcycle and the other for a car.

“You have to be kidding me! I get a car and a motorcycle for my birthday?” I exclaimed hugging my mum tightly. “I can’t believe you guys! I have wanted a car and a motorcycle for I don’t know how long. I love it,” I say tears of joy streaming down my face.

Suddenly I heard a splash coming from the river and I looked there to see what it was. I only saw a flash of red hair before it disappeared. Oh well, it was probably just my imagination.

“I knew you would!’” my dad said.

“What?” I asked

“Your mother here thought you wouldn’t like it.”

‘Mum! You know I am crazy about cars!”



So how was it? :)


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