Caught By A Wink

Chelsea Lee is 21 and has never gone out with the right man, she lives in Holmes Chapel England and seems to have all the guys drooling over her. What happens when she falls for 2, then gets suddenly stuck with both! A page turning adventure, thrilling, love, heart-felt, intese, suspense, creative, emotional! 14-16+++!!!


1. In a Heart Beat

                         The music was blasting, as i was singing along to the music, i felt bad for whoever was driving next to me since when i sing i pretty much sound like a dying cat. The window was rolled down and the wind was flying through my hair, i was on my way to a local coffee shop where i could work on my latest study's, see im a beautician but i spend lots of my free time learning new hair styles, new nail designs, new make-up designs, etc.

                           I pull up outside the shoppe and grab my purse and walk in, i was wearing my hair down, with beach curls, a blue sparkly tank, white short shorts, and matching blue sparkly toms. I walk in with the usual welcome and take a seat at an open table close to the window. I was checking my instagram on my iPhone when a new waiter came up and ask if he could help me with something. I let out a small scream then turned my head, seeing a very attractive man with his hair as sexy as can be. I gave him a quick smile and said; "a chocolate chip mocha will be just fine". He smiled and gave me a quick wink saying; "it will be ready in a moment, here or to go?" i replied saying here and he replied saying great. His smile made my heart beat out of my chest and the quick wink made me explode.


               A couple minutes later he came back and asked for my name; "Chelsea, Chelsea Lee, and you?" I replied. He chuckled a bit then blurted out his name; "Harry, Harry Styles". Around 30 minutes later, he came back for around the hundreth time and slipped me the bill. Little did i know it wasnt only the bill, he stood beside me as i opened the booklet holding my bill and out fell a torn off peice of paper with his number on it. I winked and wrote down my own slipping it into his pocket on my way out.

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