My life with Boo, Boobear, Hazza, and Nikki

Hello, my name is Koko, I am currently 16 going on 17. I love one direction and boo with all my heart. On My 17th birthday my life is bout to change for the better. Also I live with in my own apartment with my boo-Maria. We have been friends since we had met in reading/ language arts class in 6th grade. Maria and her crush used to sit really close and they would flirt with each other every day. I had also sat near my crush and we had also flirted with each other every day. My boo is from brazil and she came to my other best friend Nikki's elementry school in 1st grade and became besties in 3rd grade. Maria and Nikki are 17.


4. the day after koko's party

Koko's P.O.V

BEEP BEEP BEEP... the sound of my alarm woke me and the rest of my family up. It was set for 4:30, I NEVER get up this early. Nikki I bet Nikki had set my alarm, she is the one who always does. "It's time to go!", said Nikki to the rest of the family. As soon as they all left, Nikki told me to get ready to go visit a long lost friend. So I went up the stairs to get in the shower. My shower lasted for what seemed like 2 hours but it was really ony 30 minutes. I got ou and towel dried my body, then blow dried my damp hair. I put mousse in my hair and just left it down . Then I went to pick out my clothes. "How warm is it outside?" i shouted to Boo. "Its 85 degrees my love!" she replied. So I picked out a cute lime green tank top with lace. A white Aero hoodie(not the zip-up kind), and some bright white shorty- shorts. I went down stairs and noticed me, nikki, and boo were all wearing the same color and style shorts and almost the same top. Nikki's tanktop was purple and Boo's tanktop was bright orange. Nikki's hoodie was pink Aero hoodie(also not the zip up kind). Boo was wearing a black  Aero hoodie (the zip up kind). I grabbed my pink zebra striped purse, and headed to Boo's bright orange lambergini.

Nikki's P.O.V

Yeah, im the one who set koko's alarm. I also had planned the day! My present is where were going. Were going to Makenzi Mash's house. But she is not my present. My present is our other bestie, kendra but i have called her hershy since 7th grade.

Boo's P.O.V

I wonder what nikki has planned for us today. She is always full of surprises. I'm not quite sure what we will be doin today and nikki wont tell me. I wonder why she wont tell me. She tells me like everything, she always had. We arrived at a strange odd looking but farmiliar place. I wonder where we are. We get out of the car and go to ring the door bell. A huge, tall, very thin man answers the door. "How may i help you?" the scary looking man asked.


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