My life with Boo, Boobear, Hazza, and Nikki

Hello, my name is Koko, I am currently 16 going on 17. I love one direction and boo with all my heart. On My 17th birthday my life is bout to change for the better. Also I live with in my own apartment with my boo-Maria. We have been friends since we had met in reading/ language arts class in 6th grade. Maria and her crush used to sit really close and they would flirt with each other every day. I had also sat near my crush and we had also flirted with each other every day. My boo is from brazil and she came to my other best friend Nikki's elementry school in 1st grade and became besties in 3rd grade. Maria and Nikki are 17.


2. Preparing for Koko's Birthday party!

Boo's P.O.V

I just knew koko was gona go look for her gift, good thing i hid it under my pillow. Under my pillow is a perfet place to hide small things, besides she never looks there. So it's all good. Im not gonna tell anybody what I had gotten her, so no one can ruin my surprise. I have to run to Bruce's Bakery to get her cake, then to wally world(walmart), i change the name of things alot. Like Boo's real name is maria.

Koko's P.O.V

I really wonder where she had hid my present, she must hide it in the same spot every year. But that would be weird because the sizes of the boxes she puts them vary in sizes... AWKWARD SILENCE! Well it is silent anyhow cuz im home alone...

Boo's P.O.V

I have one last stop, to get some decorations. Probably one directison decorations from party city. Or  wally world... i'm not quite sure where they will be at yet. Whoa i almost dropped her cake... ooops! :D When i begin drivin I here a farmiliar tune in the backround of the radio talkshow host. When he announced it he called it LWWY. I knew it, it was one direction! So i decide to go to party city, they have the stuff i need. when i got home i hid the stuff, then took a nap.

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