My life with Boo, Boobear, Hazza, and Nikki

Hello, my name is Koko, I am currently 16 going on 17. I love one direction and boo with all my heart. On My 17th birthday my life is bout to change for the better. Also I live with in my own apartment with my boo-Maria. We have been friends since we had met in reading/ language arts class in 6th grade. Maria and her crush used to sit really close and they would flirt with each other every day. I had also sat near my crush and we had also flirted with each other every day. My boo is from brazil and she came to my other best friend Nikki's elementry school in 1st grade and became besties in 3rd grade. Maria and Nikki are 17.


3. Koko's party!

Koko's P.O.V

Today, is my party! I'm with my lil sister right now, because I cant be at my house while Nikki and Boo are preparing. I have a feeling im gonna love what i get, especially from my lil sis, she always gives me the best gifts. Even though she is only 14. I just wish i had known that my party was gonna be at my house, i hope my  neighbor dont yell at my screaming cousins, neices, or nephews. My neighbors yelled at them last year and they started crying really loud... totally annoying!

Nikki's P.O.V

I know Koko is gonna love what i got her, she has wanted to see it for atleast 2-3 years. I had just seen it last week when I was in Miami, Florida and picked it up and brought it back for koko. It needed a huge package just to get put it. I hate being a party pooper, and ruining the suprises. I have a few friends who do spoil  others gifts ( Makenzi Mash) my bestie in high school. I mean one of my besties in high school, me and boo, and a girl named BreAnna were besties in high school. I miss my high school boy friend, he told me he was gonna come up to see me soon. And  I'm done, the house looks absolutely fabulous!

Boo's P.O.V

All we need to do is put the cake on cake plate, then on the table. DING DONG, DING DONG, the sound of the doorbell. The first guest, koko's auntie hollywood. "Hey Nikki and Maria, how are you doin? I havent seen you in like two whole days!" I move out of the door way and let her, holding koko's little 3years old cousin in. "mia and nika! I wuv u!" shouted the little girl. Soon all the guest arrived and then we called koko, and told her to come home no one has arrived yet. I hung up. " Every one in the closet right now! Hide fast! koko is like two minutes away!"

Nikki's P.O.V

"SUPRISE!!!" we all screamed. When the kids settled down we got some cake then we told  koko "you cant open your presents till tomorrow!" "But Why"koko replied, "because we are goin to visit someone tomorrow and you're going to open them tomorrow!"

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