My life with Boo, Boobear, Hazza, and Nikki

Hello, my name is Koko, I am currently 16 going on 17. I love one direction and boo with all my heart. On My 17th birthday my life is bout to change for the better. Also I live with in my own apartment with my boo-Maria. We have been friends since we had met in reading/ language arts class in 6th grade. Maria and her crush used to sit really close and they would flirt with each other every day. I had also sat near my crush and we had also flirted with each other every day. My boo is from brazil and she came to my other best friend Nikki's elementry school in 1st grade and became besties in 3rd grade. Maria and Nikki are 17.


1. A few days before my 17th birthday



Koko's Pov:

" My birthday is in a few days! Did you get me anything?" I texted Maria. She texted back " Yeah, but its hidden well and don't try to look for it cause you'll never find it!" she texted back. Soon I began to look, I look through her closet, through her dresser, through nikki's closet, and through nikki's dresser and didnt find anything but clothes. I soon discovered a huge box hidden under her bed! I soon opened it and inside it was a little envolope containing some thing that looked like a ticket, but a pulled the thing out of the envolope. I soon realized that it was just a note that says, " gotcha, good try like im gonna let you off that easy!" I felt so stupid  I thought she would actually let me off that easy. I should've known her better than that. She does this every year.

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