How The Hell Did You Ever Pick Me?

This is my first go at writing, and I hope that you all ike it c:


2. asdfghjkl;'. Wut?

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there. <<< If you know where that's from, you're amazing. Anywho, Hope you like the chapterc:. Gimmie feedback? I like that. Constructive criticism is nice.<3

We were now seconds away from knowing if our dreams would come true. The lady on TV was counting down as she had her hand in a bowl of paper slips with names of possible winners on them.


"And the winner of the one month with one direction is.........." my heart felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest.. "Sydney Akins from Edwardsville Illinois!!!".

"Holy shit!" I yelled and jumped around the room screaming at the top of my lungs. The lady on the TV continued to talk. I listened intently, after Julia calmed me down of course. "Here are the rules; there aren't many however, you may only bring one person." The lady on the TV stated. I looked directly at Julia. "Hmm, so, who should I bring?" I sarcastically asked her. She hit me with a pillow that was near her. "Oh, I guess I could take you.." I said holding back a laugh. "Of course you're bringing me!" Julia shouted.

All I have to do now is call the number at the bottom of the screen. After I called the number, the person on the other end of the line gave me a series of questions that I filled out earlier to ensure I was in fact the winner. The person I was on the phone with told me to have my things packed and they will have a cat pick me up tomorrow morning. Julia went home to pack her things and said she'll be over tomorrow morning.

"Is this really happening?" I mumbled to myself in disbelief. I hurried to my room and flung open my closet door. "What am I going to wear?!" I shouted. My eyes searched every inch of my closet. I ended up shoving basically ever article of clothing I own into three suit cases. I'll just have Julia pick out my outfits, she's the pretty one. My phone suddenly pinged, I picked it up.

*Text from Hazza Bear* (I call her Hazza and she calls me boobear because our friendship is somewhat like theirs in the way that we're really close.)

"Hey Boobear you almost done packing?"

To: HazzaBear: "Yeah, almost, just have to pack my make up and such. How about you?

From: HazzaBear: "Same, well I'll see ya in the morning!(: Goodnight! Love you!"

I read the text and smiled to myself. Wow, I love this chick. I connected my phone to the charger. I should really be getting some sleep, who knows what's going to happen tomorrow.

Hope ya liked it!(: comment, please?<3


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