Lucius x Severus

A tale of the brief yet passionate romance between Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape.


3. Work Matters

For the rest of the day, I had no other choice but allow Lucius to tail me through London. Using a strong invisibility charm, he followed me everywhere from Oxford Street to Soho. My cheeks burned red the entire journey, not only because my loyalties had crumbled so easily, or I was allowing myself to be used and manipulated, but also because I didn't like Lucius seeing me play Dumbledore's dog, and furthermore, I looked an absolute fool in the ridiculous muggle attire. 

I had been sent into London to gather information for the Order of the Phoenix regarding any muggles behaving oddly, as if they where under the influence of a curse or charm, using legilimency. The Ministry of magic surely had information on these sorts of muggle sightings, but all of the Order's ministry affiliates where working in different departments, and I was the only wizard in the organisation skilled enough in the fields of Legilimens and Occlumens to complete the task. Lucius however, did not seem at all interested in the job I had been sent to do, and I believed he was only present to make sure that I would return to the Malfoy Manor with him. At the time, this confused me, but later I would come to realise his true motives. I had been so sure that Malfoy would out me to the Dark Lord as soon as he fathomed even a fraction of disloyalty. 

After my work was finished, whilst Lucius and I found a private place to disapparate , I could only focus on my relief that the Order of the Phoenix was still hidden from Lucius. 

We apparated at the bottom of the drive leading to the sprawling gothic manor house which Lucius lived in, and as we traversed the gravely pathway, Malfoy fidgeted with excitement. We finally entered the house, met by Narcissa Malfoy. I swallowed. Today had been riddled with so much confusion that I had completely forgotten that Lucius was married, and I had definitely forgotten that the two of them where expecting a childNarcissa was around the mid stage of her pregnancy, but even so her stomach looked absolutely massive, swollen, and terrifying. I suddenly felt the room spin around me, I felt unclean and guilty, jealous and foolish. I saw the way that Lucius smiled at his wife, warmly and genuinely, this was real love. I remembered what had happened earlier today, and I wasn't sure if it made my heart race, or if it made me cringe. Lucius extended his arm and placed it around his wive's waist, and suddenly, all I could think of was Lily. 

What had I been thinking earlier? Why had Lucius' presence enthralled me so much, when I still yearned for Lily Evans so dearly?

"Well Severus, would you like to follow me into the drawing room? I believe we have work matters to discuss." He spoke so casually.

I followed him into the familiar room, memories of meetings with a number of various Death Eaters filled my mind. I absolutely loathed the followers of the Dark Lord. They where all stupid people, misinformed and prejudiced, proud, ignorant and arrogant. Yet, to the outside world, I was one of them. That's another reason why I liked being part of the Order so much. Even though it was plain that many of the members met me with distrust, in the first few months of seeking a job at Hogwarts with Dumbledore I had already began to help the people of all blood status, I had helped the muggle civilians, and the most important of all, I had hope of helping Lily survive. 

I sat down in one of the many grand Hawthorn chairs that bordered the dark round table in the centre of the room, and waited to discover what Lucius Malfoy wanted from me.


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