Lucius x Severus

A tale of the brief yet passionate romance between Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape.


4. The Non-Negotiable Proposition

"I'm a very busy man, Severus." Lucius spoke arrogantly, in a lazy drawl that caused him to appear bored. "I believe that I am one of the Dark Lord's most faithful servants... It's a shame that we can't all be as loyal as myself. Let me make this plain, Snape. I devote a large proportion of my life to the Dark Lord, unfortunately however, I'm not getting as much recognition as I would like. I think you can help me." So this was his plan. I'm unsure what was going through my mind when I thought that I loved him. I loathed this snake of a man, and in one heated moment of rushed passion and confusion I had endangered the life or the woman I love. 

Lucius' misty eyes where narrowed, and seemed to be gazing at me searchingly. "Well", he continued, "are you going to make this simple for me?" 

"What other options do I have?" I spat back at him. Lucius rose out of his chair and began to exit the room, however as he strode behind me I heard the sound of his footsteps halt. I was about to turn my head to discover what had stopped him, but instead I froze up, as if hit by a body bind curse. I felt a surprisingly warm hand on top of my head. "Good boy." My heart skipped a beat and I'm sure it was because I was so disgusted. His hand lingered on my hair for a moment more and then he gently tugged on a strand, pulled away from me and strode away. 

I was left stranded in the Hawthorn chair for several minutes while I evaluated the situation I had found myself in. My cheeks burned red because I could still feel the warmth from his hand on the top of my head. A small house elf that looked particularly unloved limped into the room. It had to limp because one of its feet was heavily bandaged for whatever reason. It stared at me with its large, green, lifeless eyes and said "Master Malfoy insists that for now it would be best for you to stay here in the manor. I will lead you to your room." I sighed. I supposed that this would not be something I could oppose. I followed the limping house elf up a spiral staircase that took about 10 minutes for the elf to traverse, and was finally left in a large, coldly lit room. The floor was made of marble which was a deep green colour that was almost indistinguishable from black, and the windows and floor was adorned with gold woven fabrics. On a large four poster bed sat my luggage which had already been sent here using magic  I changed my clothes and laid in the bed for hours on end. I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about Lucius in a nearby room and it made me feel nervous, and slightly hot and bothered. When I thought about Malfoy sleeping in a bed similar to the one I was in I couldn't help thinking about Narcissa, and for some reason this bothered me. That night my dreams tormented me. 

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