Lucius x Severus

A tale of the brief yet passionate romance between Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape.


2. An Added Agent

"Don't bother lying to me, Severus." Malfoy whispered to me. His voiced possessed a deep malevolence, yet his eyes brimmed with excitement. "Snooping around Diagon Alley, dressed as a muggle?" He let out a thunderous laugh. "You're here on business. And I know it isn't the Dark Lord's business either, because as you know very well, Snape, we met with him last night, and I clearly remember being instructed to keep our noses clear for the next week or so...".

I tried to bluff. "Lucius, what are you suggesting  You can't possibly be insinuating that I, the Dark Lord's most trusted and valuable follower, is going against any instructions he may have lain down for me, and the rest of the Death Eaters?"

With an air of superiority, he strode towards me. Perfectly aware of the effect it would have on me, he moved close to me, so close that I could feel his breath on my nose. He placed his long porcelain finger gently yet firmly under my chin, and moved my head up higher, so that I was looking directly at him. He lent in towards me, as if to kiss my neck. His lips just millimeters away from my earlobe, a wave of adrenaline rushed down my spine. He lowered his voice to a private tone, that only me and him could share. "Severus", he began, "Let's not keep secrets from each other... after all, me and you work rather closely together- I'd hate to think there was something you weren't sharing with the rest of us... and perhaps even with the Lord himself?" I could make out the amusement in his every syllable. Lucius knew that he had won over me, and indeed he was correct. I had been rendered hopeless, soft as butter in his palms.

He pulled his finger away from my chin and instead, placed his hand on my shoulder. He re-positioned his head so that he was staring intently into my eyes, however he didn't step any further back.My heart was galloping, our bodies where parallel, we where so close to touching, and I was so absorbed in Mr. Malfoy that I forgot to worry that other wizards might be able to see our over-friendly interaction. "So explain to me, Severus, why it is you are here, and on behalf of whom are you working?" His eyes dug into my soul and proceeded to unearth my loyalties, the smug arch of his pearly lips penetrated my rationality and suddenly, without warning, the information I swore to Albus Dumbledore I would never reveal came tumbling out of my mouth.

"I am here for Dumbledore, Lucius. I am a traitor. I-I-I... I had to. The Dark Lord believes I am an agent for him, however I am truly working against him." The blood rushed back to my head and the sudden realisation that in the heat of a flustered moment I had effectively laid my head on a silver platter struck me like a bolt of lightning. However, to my shock, Lucius's expression did not bear outrage, it was one of wonder. He stepped backwards, unusually clumsy for a man generally so well composed and elegant. His face wore a smile as wide as a half moon, and oppurtunity shone through his wide eyes. He began to laugh maniacally, and threw his arms out, his long blond hair swooping behind him. I was absolutely confounded.  

"Well then, Snape.", he spat. His demeanor had shifted completely in the space of a few minutes. "If you don't want the Dark Lord to discover your dirty little secret, you'd best come with me, back to the Manor. We've rather a lot to discuss  and no doubt I have a few... favours in mind that you could provide me with, in exchange for me keeping your confession private." 

So this was Lucius Malfoy's revelation. He was to blackmail me. I realised how much of a fool I was to think he actually wished to genuinely serve the Dark Lord, as his ulterior motive seemed to be to gain as much power as he possibly could. It was at this moment that I realised how cold hearted the man really was, how malevolent and evil he was. But for a reason I couldn't yet work out, I was completely and utterly in love with him.

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