Starting Over

Harry Styles Fanfic. Harry Styles and Daisy West were the it couple that wlked down the streets of Chesire, the couple who shared the cute's kisses and that had a happy ever after. But wen the West family is moving across the pond, things change Daisy taking a secret with her she was to affraid to tell him, she was pregnant and he was the father.But just a month after giveing birth to Darcy, Daisy get's in a car accident and past away. Leaveing Darcy in the hands of her aunt,Nicole. 3 years later Darcy and Harry meet totally by accident. Wat happens wen Harry wants to be involved in his daughter's life? But the real qeustion is, is Harry really ready to take care of a daughter?


2. Chapter two

***Harry's P.O.V***


I watched as Nicole's face went pale, her ees started to get teary.

"Nicole, are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah" she croaked out.

"Ohh, I thought you are gonna cry anyway were is Daisy?" I asked again. A little girl ran over to Nicole and pulled her leg

"Auntie Nicole! can we go home I am tired" she mumblend.

"Sure,Darcy" she said. Wait wat did she say Darcy? that's my favorite girls name. and did she call her Auntie? that meant this was Daisy child or they had a long lost sister or something. I was bloody confushed. I smiled down at the little girl.

"Urm..Nicole can we talk?" I asked. She noddded unsure of herself.

"Let's sit down" I said and we sat down at a little table. Nicole putted Darcy in the seat next to us as I sat infront of Nicole.

"So who's child is Darcy? she called you Auntie she must be Daisy's or you guys have a long lost sister or something" I said.

"Daisy.." she trailed off looking down at her hands.

"Who's the dad?" I asked. My mind flicking back to the past the night Dacy and I did it.

***Start of flashback***


''Dais are you sure you wanna do it?" I asked.

"Yeah" she mumblend "don't you"

"Of course but it's a big deal!" I said.

She bit her lip and pulled my shirt off her fingers drew patterns on my toned abs.

I pulled her shirt off and started to unclasp her bra.

                                                                                           ***End of flashback***

"You.." Nicole trailed off. My eyes widend.

"Wat?!?" I asked/yelled.

"Don't get mad at her please" Nicole pleaded.

"I asked her if she want it to do it she said 'yes' it's all her fault now I am stuck with a daughter" I yelled.

"Harry" she said schocked by my outburst "You are as stupid as Daisy too you didn't use protection"

"I know but were is Diasy anyway we need to talk I can't take care of her and mangement will never let me" I yelled.

"You don't have too I can take care of her just like I am doing just like I was doing for the past three years" Nicole said.

"Wat why can't Daisy take care of her daughter?'' I asked.


"Nicole tell me evreytime I asked about Daisy you changed the subject where is she?" I asked.

'Harry.." Nicole began her voice was croaky like she was gonna cry "Daisy's dead...."

Author's Note:

OMG! Thank you guys so much for 83 favorites and 41 likes! ILY.<3 Hope you enjoy this chapter :) sorry it took me so long to update but I was busy. Comment,Like,Favorite and fan me. Thank you if you do. And I will update faster then :)

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