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Harry Styles Fanfic. Harry Styles and Daisy West were the it couple that wlked down the streets of Chesire, the couple who shared the cute's kisses and that had a happy ever after. But wen the West family is moving across the pond, things change Daisy taking a secret with her she was to affraid to tell him, she was pregnant and he was the father.But just a month after giveing birth to Darcy, Daisy get's in a car accident and past away. Leaveing Darcy in the hands of her aunt,Nicole. 3 years later Darcy and Harry meet totally by accident. Wat happens wen Harry wants to be involved in his daughter's life? But the real qeustion is, is Harry really ready to take care of a daughter?


3. Chapter three

***Harry's P.O.V***


My face turned pale. Daisy couldn't be gone she just couldn't kitten. I felt the tears stream down my face. I didn't care if the paps would make a big story about this. I felt my fingers getting numb I felt like somebody stabbed me in the stomach. I neede to progress my thoughts it all felt unreal like this was all a lie. I looked up and saw Nicole crying it was a little hard to see, my vision was blurry but I manged. I walked over to her and slid my hand on her waist and slung the other one over her neck. We both cried it didn't matter if we wear in public or not. I just couldn't beleive it Daisy gone.. The girl that made me laugh wen I was sad. The same girl that helped me get the coarge to go on X-factor the girl I would carry around and make her laugh.

"No" I mumblend as the tears kept coming non-stop "She can't be dead I love her.."

"Harry I miss her more then you think" she mumblend almost as a whisper it ws har to hear over my sobbing and crying and with her crying and sobbing that made it harder.

I knew she was in heave I just knew it she was such a good person she always putted herself first then anyone else. She was in a better place now were she had no pain. I couldn't beleive she was gone. I wanted to say goodbye.. bloody hell I wanted to hear her voice again and see her smile again I wanted to hear her voice. I wanted to look in her beautiful brown eyes again If only I could turn back time and tell my parents to move to America and I could have spent more time with her. I wanted her to sing to me and make me fall asleep I wanted tickle her like crazy until she couldn't laugh anymore I wanted to hear her lame jokes again. I can only imagine how hard it was for Nicole, Dais was like a sister to her and she loved her very much.

"I miss her Harry" She mumblend and burried her face in my already soaked shirt from my tears and her but I didnt care. "So much"

I knew that nothing was gonna be the same aymore my life wouldn't be the same without her she held a special part to my heart and no one could replce it. I knew that someday I get to see Daisy again..... but I didn't know wen. I really wanted to see her again.

It made me sad thinking I can't see Daisy anymore. I know that Nicole had it harder then anyone she had to take a job and change her way of liveing to take care of Darcy and she is only 18. I still couldn't beleive the tears streamed down my cheeks non-stop. I was gonna miss wen me and Daisy went miss.Edwaurds farm and ate all of her cookies that she left  on the window to cool-off and then how we would get chased around the neighborhood by her afterwards and how our parents yelled at us each time they had to pay for all the cookies we ate. And how that one time we played at that under cunstruction play ground. Boy did we get in trouble that day.

I already missed Daisy.

My mind changed completely I wanted to be in Darcy's life I wanted to be there for her she spent years without a dad and mum I wanted to be there for her I wanted to help Nicole.


"C'mon Auntie Nicole" Darcy yelled as she pulled Nicole to the little water park. It had been awhile since me and Nicole talked about Daisy. I still couldn't get though past my head that she really was gone it seemed like evreything was a joke. Darcy really didn't want to go home kids with there mood swings.

"Darcy you can't go to the water park you don't have extra cloths" Nicole said, pulling Darcy back.

'C'mon Nicole let her go" I mumblend, I looked at the figures from diffrent popular Disney movies that had little hole in them the squirted water out of them, I smiled at the little yells the kids did evry time the water made contact with there skin.

"No, Harry she doesn't have extra cloths she will get my car wet" Nicole said.

"We can buy her a towel in one of those stores" I said pointhing to the closes one "C'mon Nic"

"Fine" she finally gave in. I smiled.

"Yay!" Darcy screamed and ran over to me and hugged my leg "Thank you"

"Your welcome" I said, Darcy ran to the little water park and started to jump and run around letting out loads of laughter. It made me smile wen I saw how happy she was.

"Nicole cane we talk?" I asked, as me and Nicole walked to a near bench were Darcy still was in eyesight.

"Sure" she said and crossed her arms over her chest.

We both sat down and looked at little Darcy who was having the time of her life. "I wanna ask you something?"

"Ask away" She replied.

'I want to be in Darcy's life" I let it all out. I didn't have time to suger coat it all I just went away and said it.

Nicole looked at me "I'm sorry hazz, I don't want Darcy to be in the spotlight and beside your not ready to take care of a child"

My heart sunk one because she didn't want me to be in Darcy's life and two hazz was wat Diasy called me all the time.

''C'mon Nicole I want to help you and think Daisy would want me too help you"  I said.

"No,no,no Harry i'm sorry" she said.

''Do this for Darcy"

"I told you already I don't want her to be the most talked about girl in the tabloids"

"C'mon Nic" I bumped her shoulder, lightly ''We can tallk about it over dinner"

"Even if I say yes who will lok after Darcy" she said. I hated how Nicole always wanted to find a problem with something no matter how small she was nothing lke her sister her sister wanted to live while she wanted to read the Harry Potter series again.
"One of the boys can babysit her" I said. She wiggled one of her eyebrows.

"Arn't these boys immature?" she asked.

"Yeah but Liam is mature" I replied.

"C'mon Nic please" I said bumping her shoulder again.

"Fine Harry, you can take me to dinner and we can talk" She gave in and pulled her pink beanie a little lower.

'Finally" I said letting out a sigh.

"Yeah,yeah" Nicole said, she was obviously annoyed.

"I knew you couldn't resist the styles charm" I said looking at Darcy.

"Oh please Harry I just wanted you to stop talking" She said and smiled.

''Yeah,right I know you can't resist the Styles charm'' I said.

"You know that I hate you right" she said bumping my shoulder. Sarcasm was all over her voice.

"Good, cause I hate you,too" I said with the same tone of sarcasm in my voice.

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