Starting Over

Harry Styles Fanfic. Harry Styles and Daisy West were the it couple that wlked down the streets of Chesire, the couple who shared the cute's kisses and that had a happy ever after. But wen the West family is moving across the pond, things change Daisy taking a secret with her she was to affraid to tell him, she was pregnant and he was the father.But just a month after giveing birth to Darcy, Daisy get's in a car accident and past away. Leaveing Darcy in the hands of her aunt,Nicole. 3 years later Darcy and Harry meet totally by accident. Wat happens wen Harry wants to be involved in his daughter's life? But the real qeustion is, is Harry really ready to take care of a daughter?


1. Chapter One

***Nicole's P.O.V***


"Auntie Nickkie! wake-up were going to Disney land." I heard, Darcy yell as she jumped on the bed.

I groaned and pulled the duvet over my face "Darcy!" I wined,like a 7 year-old begging his mum for a swirled rainbow lollypop.

"Aunt Nicole were going to Disney land" Darcy yelled, still jumping up and down like a frog trying to get from one lillypad to another.

"Okay,okay I'm up!" with that Darcy hopped of the bed. I pulled the duvet off me.

"Finally" Darcy said.

"Now time to get you dressed" I said picking her up and walking to the bathroom.

It has been me and Darcy ever since Daisey died. I thought it was fun to take her to Disney I promised her a year ago I would go with her I wanted to go with her since we moved from Chesire to Florida.


"Are you ready to go?" I asked, Darcy. After we both finished getting dressed

"Yes,Auntie" Darcy said.

i grabbed my strap of my bagpack that had sunscreen,crisps extra cloths for Darcy just incase. I held Darcy's tiny hand as we walked to the car. I putted Darcy in her baby seat, I stepped in the driver seat and started the engine once I was done buckeling Darcy up.

I drove down the busy streets. I never really talked to Darcy about Daisy or Harry. In fact she knew nothing as far as I know. I really never knew wat to tell her something like, Your dad is in a boyband and he doesn't know you exist and your mum died? I don't think so.

"How many tickets?" The man asked me once we arrived at Disney and stepped out of the car and walked to the entrance.

"Two please" I said.

"Tank you, have a nice day" he said, after we payed and he gave our tickets.


"Auntie can I go and the farrey wheel again?" Darcy asked.

"Okay but Aunt Nicole isn't comeing because i'm too dizzy" I said.

"Okay" Darcy said.

"Be careful!" I yelled after her.

Darcy ran off and jumped on the pink hourse with some help from a mum I mouthed her a 'thank you' and she smiled.

I pulled my pink beanie down which covered atleast halve of my brunette curls. My ray-bans hided my big brown eyes.

"Nicole?" I heard a raspey voice say.

I turned around and saw Harry the curly-haired boy that stole my sisters heart. I thought I never see him ever again. I needed time to think about an excuse to explain Darcy and aswell Daisy's death I needed more time.

"Is that really you?!? I havn't seen you in ages" He said and hugged me thight.

"Is Daisy here I missed her like crazy she said she had something to tell last time I saw her.."

My heart sunk. Was I really suppose to tell someone this happy to see her that she's dead?

Hope you guys like it xxx.

Comment,Like and favorite. This is not your normal girl get's pregnant and one of the 1D boys are the dad.

So I hope you get a cup of tea and biscuit and enjoy my story....


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