Starting Over

Harry Styles Fanfic. Harry Styles and Daisy West were the it couple that wlked down the streets of Chesire, the couple who shared the cute's kisses and that had a happy ever after. But wen the West family is moving across the pond, things change Daisy taking a secret with her she was to affraid to tell him, she was pregnant and he was the father.But just a month after giveing birth to Darcy, Daisy get's in a car accident and past away. Leaveing Darcy in the hands of her aunt,Nicole. 3 years later Darcy and Harry meet totally by accident. Wat happens wen Harry wants to be involved in his daughter's life? But the real qeustion is, is Harry really ready to take care of a daughter?


4. Chapter Four

***Nicole's P.O.V***


I felt sick. I was lying in bed on my laptop, Darcy was asleep we just got back from Disney and Darcy was tired. I felt sore.I didn't know wat was wrong with me my head was pounding and I just felt so sick and all I wanted to do was lay in bed. I wasn't sure why I was sick, though I think it was proablly the Junk food I ate at Disney. I was not my thing I always ate healthy food.

I heard a knock on the door and groaned. I manged to get up and walk to the door. I opened the door and saw Harry standing there in his suit and he had some flowers. My hand flew to my forehead.

"Harry I am so sorry I forgot" I said. Harry's smiled dissapear.

"Nicole ou look sick"

"I am sick" I replied.

"Oh my god I can take care of you" He offered.

"No,Thank you I can take care of myself" I mumblend.

"But who was gonna take care of Darcy? " Harry asked.

"I can do that on my own" I mumblend once again.

" Wat if she gets sick.. and you.." he trailed off. I knew wat he was gonna say I didn't want him to be over protective with me now.

"Look I am fine..Harry you can-" I stopped wen I saw Liam pop up behind Harry.

I always had a crush on Liam out of all the boys. I smiled. Harry turned around and waved at Liam.

"Fine" I said and Harry walked inside.

"Darcy is asleep so she should be okay!" I said falling on the coach.

***Harry's P.O.V***


Me,Nicole and Liam all stared blankly  at the telly. I caught Liam starring at Nicole somethimes and Nicole stared t Liam somethimes. I just didn't want her to get hurt again like she did before wen she was with Mason her ex-boyfriend. I remember all the night she would cry herself to sleep  and me and Daisy would comfort her.

"Urm..Nicole can I talk to you?" I asked.

"Sure" she replied.

And I stood up and walked to the porch outside we both said on the grass and stared at the sky not saying a word just enjoying eachother's company. Sudennly she laid her head on my chest and I laid down.

"Hazz I missed you" she mumblend.

"I missed you guys more" I said.

"I really needed you wen Daisy.." she trailed off.

"I know"

"I miss us" she said."Remeber wen whe were kids and we would go to sleepovers and play hide-and-seek"

'Yeah" I said and smiled and the memory.

"And that time wen I kissed you on the rooftop and I thought you were Diasy?" I asked, she nodded,yes.

"And that time wen you came to me cause you were affraid Daisy wouldn't ask you to prom" Nicole said.

"Yeah,I remember that I almost cried" I said.

"Almost? you cried your eyes out" Nicole laughed.

I felt my cheeks getting red. Nicole sat up and looked at me.

"Your blushing" she said.

"Thank you Kaptain Obvious" I said.

Nicole smilled and came closer and closer to me starring in my eyes, I slowly came closer and looked in her big brown eyes. Our lips touched. As we both were pulled in a passionate kiss.

"I love you Daisy!" I said breaking the kiss.

Oh shit! I called her Daisy.

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