Cami's Bedtime Stories

I have a little sister that I love to read to. So I have written down some of the stories that I would like to tell her, I hope you and your family enjoy them.


2. The Unicorn Princess

         Once upon a time there was a beautiful family of unicorns. One day the leader of the family had a baby the child's name was Tireana. She was the prettiest unicorn in all of the family wich made to other unicorns jealous. One day there was a hunter who apeared in the unicorn meadow. The unicorns were scared that they would die, but not Tireana she stood up to the hunter. The hunter thought that she was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen and fell in love with her. Then by some magic Tireana turned into a beautiful human, for she fell in love with the hunter as well. She said good bye to her family and ran away with the hunter back to his castle for he was the prince of the land. he asked Tireana to mary him, and she did the next day. Then they all live happly ever after. The End

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