Love me

When Justin finds out that his girlfriend is pregnet he says "we'll get through this together". As she goes through the pregnancy, justin is starting to get angry at her and she says "love me" and it makes stuff better sometimes.


1. Im im

(kats p.o.v)

Justin walk's into the bathroom to find me sitting there pucking my guts out .

Justin:are you ok babe 

Me:no Justin im pregnant

Justin stand's there in shock as i look up at him after washing my mouth he falls to the ground as i am walking over to him he stands up and walks to the door opens it and trys to run out but is stopped by me hugging him

Me:Justin dont go i need your help 

Justin:i can not help you right now i am to shocked 

Me:no you are not you are just angry im pregnant

Justin:(yelling) so what if im am i can do what i want 

Me:(crying) fine go just please love me 

Justin realizes im crying and cools down and trys to huge me but i run of to the bathroom and lock the door and just sit there as he bangs on the door yelling for me to unlock it i can't stand him yelling so i unlock the and run out to the front door Justin left open get my keys from the key holder and run to my car Justin was getting closer but by the time i got in my car he was at the front door i then speeded out of the driveway of our house and i went to my moms house once i arrived atmy moms house i run to the front door and knock she opens the door and lets me in i see my younger brother on the couch playing x-box i then run up the stairs to my old room and go straight to the bathroom to trough up my mom comes up and puts my hair in a bun and pats my back once i was done i told my mom everything then went to my old bed and fell asleep 


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