Who knew it would happen?

Im Sophie and Im a directioner im in my last year of high school and its my birthday in two weeks im going to be eighteen every day i sit and think about what if one direction came into this very room blah blah blah, well one tusday last period i get told to go to the office and there they are One Direction , read to find out what happens next


1. Going to the office


thank go sixth period finally I can soon  get home and blog all night about One Direction, yes Im a fangirl and a fairly obsessed one every day I talk about One Direction.  theres a chap at the door and an office worker tells me I'm to go down to the office I stood up and walked out the classroom as the old Lady walked away I walked and walked down the long corridor what could they want? if its about the hole in the floor in the science department I'm just going to run. I get to the door of Mr.Sutherland's office, he really scares me I walk in and sitting there on the un-comfy green chairs is the one and only well five and only One Direction boys asdfghjkl;asdgfhjkmlasdfgjkldfghjkldfghj oh my fucking god i need to keep calm,  SOPHIE CALM YOU TITS DONT FREAK OUT THEY WILL JUST THINK YOUR ANNOYING!, ok ok ok ok ok  im going to speak now,

"um sir you wanted me?" I asked while fixing my hair I could feel them looking at me oh no im shaking, stop it, "yes Sophie, I'm sure your familliar with these boys?" he said smiling whilst pointing at the boys, jesus christ they're celebritites don't point at them.

"eh yeah" I laugh nervously

"well they are going to be joining out school and they are going to be living with you for a year, we have called your family and aranged it they said it was fine and that they will get yous a house" he said very calmly what the actual fuck! One Direction are going to be living with ME us six ALONE JESUS CHRIST ITS WHAT I HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF OH FUCKING HELL THIS IS GREEEAT!

" oh my god well em yeah eh ok thats eh like cool so yeah em... yeah so hi i suppose" I say to them nearly passing out this must be a dream I'm going to wake up any moment know, they all just suddenly attack me with bear hugs not a bad day they all say hello then I go to sit down but theres no seats but before I could move someone pulled me down onto their lap I looked up and saw Niall flashing me a smile I blushed, sat up and smiled back at him,

"ok Amanda when all the students have left the school you can show Harry Liam Zayn Niall and Louis around" said Mr.Sutherland.

"ok how long till the bell sir?" i asked

"three minutes" he replied

"ok i'll run up to maths get mmy bag and come back down then" i said he nodded alowing me to go I quickley ran grabbed my bag and said I was to go back down half way there the final bell rang and the hall way flooded with people I made my way back to the office and got the boys, we waited in the room until the whole school was cleared except from most of the teachers.

"ok then want a tour around the school?" I asked them as I opend the door,

"yeah" they all chorused, ahhh i cant wait to move in with them mehhh.

" kay kay, well first of all we can go down to English I hate this subject its so much presure and ugh yenno what I mean?" I asked them whilst we walked down the English corridor

"yeah i've never liked English either, i've only ever read one book in my whole life" Niall told me, I nodded and started to skip down to Italian, French and the Drama corridor, I hid behind a wall whilst they came looking for me, as they were walking by i jumped out and screamed, they got like the biggest fright I have ever seen they all scream like girls,

"what was that for?!" shouted Zayn, I thought I would put my acting skills to use, I pretented to cry and i sat down on the corridor floor,

"I'm sorry I didn't mean for you to get angry" I fake sobbed they all quickly gatherd around me hugging me and comforting me I looked up and laughed

"haha you fell for it!" I stood up and watched them.

"why did you do that?" asked Liam

"I wanted to see if i'm a good actress,I passed my A-levels in drama so it payed off". They all stood up and Harry smirked at me with his dimples oh my god i could just melt, is that possible if it is then help me jesus!. I walked them around the school and showing them where our classes are, we all have the same subjects excepts from Geography me and Liam chose modern studies instead we are both bad at geography but the other four must be good at it if they chose it themselves.

"now to my favorite class and teacher, Mr.Madden in R.E!" I ran up the stairs in 3 seconds litteraly i waited for like a minute for the boys to come up, it is a bit much at first but you get used to them, after three years, they came up out of breath and a bead of sweat on their foreheads, it is quite hard work,

" oh my god thats exhausting!" sighed and out of breath Louis.

"yeah wait till you need to go to science" I said pointing up to the three more flights of stairs, they all groaned but I lead them to Mr.Madden's classroom I knocked on the door and walked in smiling at Mr.Madden

"hi sir" I said in a cheery tone,

"good afternoon Sophie, shouldn't you be at homeits nearly four O'Clock?" he questioned me the boys were atnding outside the door leaning against the walls trying to get their breaths back.

"yeah I know, but sir yenno that band One Direction I always talk about?"

"yes I am fully aware of them i hear you talk about them all the timme, your quite obsessed" he told me I smiled and then continued 

"well they are kinda moving in with me and they are cooming to school here and I'm showing them around and I thought I would bring them to my favorite teacher, so could you like tell them about the school and that please?, i don't really know how to explain the rules and that" I asked him while smiling hopefully 

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