The Days After Childhood

The Russians have taken over the United States, and we live in a state of unrest. They have forced every able man and woman to work in factories, and those who show talent become better people. They can become doctors, politicians (low class ones of course) or movie stars.

I ran away from the cold of Michigan to California and became a costume designer for movies. What I got was a job at a sweatshop factory

This is the story of my struggles with what lies behind the glittering silver screen


1. Drops of Rain

     Small drops of rain fell from the polluted skies, bits of water leaking into my red high top converse. I walked with a quickened pace trying to get to the Factory on time. I didn't wanna waste my money on a taxi, nor did I like risking getting assaulted. 

     Suddenly, a black Ford Fusion raced by, completely drenching me. I squealed from the dirty water and was frozen in place, gasping for air as small drips of water raced down my glasses. The car pulled back slowly and then the windows rolled down. The driver looked familiar, but I couldn't see too well 

"Are you okay?" He asked

I huffed "Do I look okay?" I pulled off my glasses and tried to clean them off with my soaking black shirt. (I think) he smiled a bit, then stopped the car and walked out. I then recognized him as Alexander Gould. He wore a light blue button up, dark jeans, white shoes and his black glasses "I'm sorry if I got you wet"

I chuckled "If?"

He gave me an awkward smile and said "Here" He quickly took my glasses, pulling out a white cloth and wiping them dry "Sorry about that"

"It's okay" I sighed, then looked up into his dark puppy eyes "You're getting wet"

"Really?" He asked acting ditzy, making me smile "I didn't notice"

I chuckled "Well, thanks Mr. Gould" I started to walk off. A small part of me wanted him to call out to me, but he didn't. I watched his black car dive off again, slower this time. A small part of me died, but then again I'm not beautiful, or else I'd have a better job.

     I checked my watch, realizing that I only had 10 minutes to get to the mill, and I wasn't even near the coastline where it's located! I sprinted down the slippery highway, almost falling a last ten times. I finally made it to me deteriorating brick building and ran inside as a steam bell screeched

"Alright ladies at your post!" A gruff voice scowled. I quickly punched in, set my dark hair in a ponytail and ran to Station 221 B

As I set the blue and green fabric through the sewing machine, I was quickly yanked back, making me almost squeal. I averted my eyes to my attacker and saw a middle-aged man with dark soulless eyes

"What is your name?"

I dare not tell him my real last name, fearing I'll be sent back to Michigan "Indigo Starkey"

He glared at me and I watched his eyes, praying for a sign of what is to come

"You shall arrive here on time, Miss Starkey. And if this ever happens again" He looked me straight in the eye "There will be consequences" He then walked away. I was completely terrified then.

     I turned back to my sewing machine and started working on a skirt. It would be blue on the outside, but green on the inside and it would have a bottom lining of green


My eyes darted up and towards the girl next to me. She had ginger hair and the bottom was dip dyed blue, even though it looked purple in some areas. She had the greenest eyes I've ever seen, yet the edge was laced with red as if she were high, her face and lips a pale shade of skin

"You're the new girl yeah?"

I nodded my head as she gave me a smirk "I'm Destiny, and your name's Indigo"

I really had no idea where this was going, so I just returned to my work

"That's Mr. Karroman.  If you mess up enough times he punishes you, if ya know what I mean" She wiggled her eyebrows

I rolled my eyes and went back to work

"Where are you from?"

"Does it matter?" mumbled under my breath

"To me" She whisper/ hissed "C'mon, spill the beans"

"I-I just wanna work okay?" 

"C'mon, c'mon Purple, tell me"

"No" I huffed and she rolled her eyes "I'll find out soon, I have connections"

'To what heron dealers?' I asked myself, then ignored her for the rest of my 6 hour shift until my hour break. 

"Starkey!" I heard someone shout. I turned and saw Mr. Karroman standing up at the iron-clad deck where the station office was

"Yes sir?"

"Take this bag to Warner Bros. studio, Set 3" He then dangled a large white bag "Don't get it dirty, or you'll be in serious trouble" I ran for it when he dropped the bag and I got there just in time. It was about half of my body size but I was able to carry it outside, luckily it was only sprinkling so it wasn't too bad. Sadly I had no idea where Warner Bros. studio was, so I was aimlessly running around trying to find it. Finally I found the stupid place and lazily walked towards the Security Gate

"Halt!" One of them cried

I muttered "Oh for crying out loud," then answered a bit louder "This is just clothes for set 3"  

The man took them from me and looked inside the bag, then handed it back to me "Go ahead"

"Where is Set 3?" I asked

He pointed down the street and said "Sixth one on your left"

I sighed and made my way down there, celebrities passed me on little golf carts laughing and smiling at whatever conversation they were engaged in. I sighed and kept on moving towards the set, directors and producers walking by with an iPhone attached to their ear, interns speed walking with a dozen Starbucks coffee's in their hands, paying no mind to my struggling, only paying mind to theirs.

Finally I arrived at the set, with people bustling around it felt more like a factory than what I imagined. I pictured only a few people, everything perfect and spaces wide open, but what I found was a bustling array of people shouting and ordering and running around like mice in a maze. 

I set the bag a bit lower so it wouldn't cover my face and walked around asking people where I should set it. Nobody paid any attention to me, and I accidentally ran into someone. 

"I'm sorry"

She turned around, her long blond hair whacking me in the face. I jumped a bit in shock, her blue eyes seemed to literately pop out from the extreme coating of eyeliner Her cheeks were sunken in a bit making her seem scary yet humorous

"Watch where your going you little shit" She hissed loudly, instantly making a scene

"I'm sorry miss" I replied, having no idea who she was, yet trying to soothe the situation

"What, you don't know who I am?" She snapped

I shook my head, worried that she might rip my head off for telling the truth

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" She cried 

"Leave the girl alone" A comforting voice said defiantly. I turned around and saw Alexander Gould walking up to my side. He looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back and I realized how short I was compared to him "She bumped into you, it was an accident, let it go Taylor" His voice was calming, and it made me swoon inside. Alexander Gould, THE Alexander Gould, was defending me. That young man who voice Nemo and played Shane Botwin, was defending me. It had to count as something, he had to care a little bit to defend me...

"Are you alright?" A voice asked. I looked up to see that the situation had disappeared, everyone was running around like honey bees, and he was staring at me

"Y-Yeah" I replied trying not to sound shaken

"What's in the bag?"

I had totally forgotten about the bag "I was delivering clothes here. I don't know where they're supposed to go"

"Here, let me show you" He smiled, placing a hand on my upper back and leading me towards somewhere else. My mind went haywire. My favorite actor is touching me, he was talking to me. Why the hell am I just now processing this? How am I not on the floor fangirling like an idiot?

"Here's the clothing department, so if you need to deliver anything again, it's just here" Alexander smiled

"Thanks" I smiled back "I'm Indigo by the way"

"That's an interesting name" He replied "Well, bye then"

"Bye," I waved, then sighed, murmuring under my breath"See you soon" I turned back towards the door and opened it, giving the bag to the man in charge, then walked out and jogged back to the factory. When I arrive some people were walking out, and I hissed "Shit" I ran inside to find most of the girls packing their things

"Miss Starkey!" An annoyed voice echoed out. I slowly turned to see Mr. Karroman. He held a blank expression but I could see the anger and disappointment in his eyes "My office please"

A few of the girls were watching as I slowly made my climb up to the station office. I was only 15, what was he going to do with me? For God's sake I've only had this job for a day and I've already messed it up! Theories and fears raced through my mind like a horse derby as I made my way up the long flight of stairs. When I reached the top he was standing in the doorway 

"Come in" 

I took a step towards him, but that was about it. He walked in his office and grabbed a set of keys then walked out locking hos office door "You're coming with me" He grabbed my arm and led me towards his sleek black mercedes benz, shoving me in the front seat on the passengers side. He walked on the other side, but I didn't dare escape. There was a glock on the dashboard.

He got in and drove he to a nice apartment building, one with a butler and everything. He dragged me inside and said "Don't make any sounds, got it?" We got in the elevator and  onto the 4th floor. My heart was beating so loud I thought he'd hear, racing so fast I thought I'd have a heart attack. We got to the floor and he opened one of the doors pushing me into a luxurious apartment

The tv was on playing The Wizard of Oz

"Dad?" A voice asked, a curly head of hair popped up with shining grey eyes "Oh, not another one"

Mr. Karroman was about to say something when suddenly the phone rang. He sighed then said "Make sure she doesn't run off" He turn left the room to retrieve the call. I stood there awkwardly, a hand gripping my other arm, shuffling my weight from one foot to the other

"Wanna go get ice cream?" A voice asked

I looked up to the teen and saw that his head was resting lazily on the top of the couch "huh?"

"Want to go, get, ice cream?" He asked pausing a bit. I looked at him oddly and he said "You look a bit too young"

"I'm 15"

"Fine, get raped then" He started to turn back to the tv when I cried "Wait!"

He turned back to me and I said in a small voice "Ice cream sounds nice"

His eyes closed as he smiled, then he got up and started walking towards me "C'mon" He passed by and walked towards the door "I know a nice place far away from here"

I followed behind him like a lost puppy as we left the apartment and towards the elevator

"So what's your name?" He asked as he stood by me, hands in his pockets. He wore black sneakers, jeans, a black shirt and a jacket. The sides of his hair was greased back, making him look even cuter with his russian accent. I didn't know if I could trust him, seeing as the Russians were the ones who attacked and overthrew the American government, but he did just save my life

"Indigo" I answered

He smiled still staring at the elevator doors "That's a good name" He was the only one who didn't openly call it weird

"What's yours?"

"Miroslav, but call me Milo"

"Why?" I asked

"Eh" He shrugged "The American pronunciation sounds weird. Milo makes me sound more American"

I snorted "There hasn't been an America since...well you know"

"And I'm sorry for that" He looked at me and gave a apologetic smile "I don't know what we gained from it"

"Bragging rights?" I suggested, which make him chuckle

"You are funny" He smiled, which made me blush a bit

"Thank you" I smiled "Won't your father punish you for letting me free?"

"Probably, but you're worth it" Milo shrugged 

The doors opened and he quickly ran out "Hurry! Dad might already be on his way to find you"

I rushed after him "Well I'm not that important"

"Sure you are! Everyone is important" He smiled back at me, then grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the parking lot "Hurry slow poke!"

I laughed as he pulled me towards a little red cooper. I smiled to myself as he opened the front door for me, then jogged around to the other side and started bouncing like a kid on Christmas

"That excited?"

"Yeah" He smiled starting the car and pulling out "I do't go outside much"

I grinned. He was just like me, before I ran away. He started talking about ice cream and all these different flavors and I wondered how old Milo really was

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