5. The trip


 Kate's POV

We headed to 'The Castle' it was easy thanks to my transportation spell.Once there we told everything to Mrs. O'Brien. She looked concerned,she had that deep gaze on her eyes it was a little scary.I knew there was something bothering her.

"Mrs O'Brien if there is something i can do"

"No sweetheart you can go"I did what i was told,Zayn was with me he looked worried too.

"Zayn,what happen?why are so quiet?He turned to me and half smiled.

"I think i'm worried,you know i came here with a goal maybe it's time to accomplish it."

"What are you talking about?What goal?"

 In that moment Mrs O'Brien walked out and our met.

"I know what is happening and i think you can help.Come with me please."

We walked down the stairs i was really nervous i could tell this was an important issue.I haven't read a lot of the book but so far i knew that if it was someone trying to cross the veil it would be really bad for the living people.I focused in the students laughing, studying,dancing,talking and i realized that if someone broke the veil nothing would be the same anymore.During the walk Zayn was always by my side he was such a good friend.He knew i was scared so he hold my hand,it wasn't like always a touch but i didn't care it was all i could have.

"Everything will be alright"He said trying to calm me down.I was shaking.

Then we arrived to the place.It was the library ,what a surprise i thought.She took a book from one of the shelves.Then we headed to a table.She traveled the book with the eyes and then she stopped in a page.There was the drawing very similar at what i saw in the woods.

"Is this what you saw?"She asked frowning.

"Yes"I said seriously.

"Look Katherine this is serious the first barrier has been broken,but you can change that.In the center of the woods there is a  palace and in the center of it a shrine,that's the core of  our world and if you go there with the energy of it you can seal the veil again.It needs to be you."

"Why me,why am i so special."?

"Because you have someone in the world of the dead,your mother.She'll be in the other side giving you force."I thought for a moment  and she had a point,but was  so weak i didn't think i could do it.

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have".I had forgotten that she could read my mind.

"I'll do it."She gave a smile.I didn't know what,but i could swear that there was something wrong with that smile it was like she wanted me to go so badly.

Late that night i was getting ready.Zayn was going with me,he said it was his goal.

"Lets go outside"He said enthusiastically.

"I can't Zayn i need to get ready".

"You have everything you need,magic.You have to live Kate.I want to go outside,do it for me".He knew the influence he had on me and he used it to manipulate me,even when he knew that love hurt me.I didn't know if he loved me i guess that hurt me even more.


We went outside the walls of the castle,tomorrow we'll supposed to start the trip to the core of magic world.And then i fell asleep under the light of the full moon



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