3. The casttle


Kate's POV

It was beautiful the sky was so blue,the land was full of flowers and trees,there were also a lot of weird animals.I was so happy i forgot about everything until i heard the voice of Zayn again.

"I told you".

"Yes you did,but i couldn't imagine it would be like this.It's.....i don't even know how to describe it."

I was absorbed in my thoughts until i saw a woman walking towards us.She seemed nice,really nice and had a huge smile on her face.

"You must be Katherine.Nice to meet you."He gave me a hand shake and looked straight at my eyes.

"You're coming with me,i've been waiting for you since a long time ago".I was come was she waiting for me,if she didn't know me?

"I know what you're thinking,but i knew your mother you're exactly like her with those big blue eyes.I know you don't know me,but i can asure that you'll be better with me you're a wizard my dear and you're going to study in 'The Casttle',like your mother did.This seems a little crazy,but you got here with your mental power.So what do you say?".

I stood there thinking,she knows my mom,well she said she knew her?.what does that means,that she's dead i hope don't.Then i think about Zayn can he come with me.

"Yes he can and about your mother we'll talk about it later."

She was scaring me, i mean she can read my thoughts and that was intimidating.She chuckled ans so did i.

Then we arrived to the casttle and it was huge.She send me to the 5th floor and i found my room it was number 3050.But she didn't gave me one for Zayn i think we'll sleep together.I couldn't explain how could she see him,but he didn't look surprised.

"Zayn.How could she see you?".Zayn thought for a second and looked deeply into my eyes,that made me melt.

"Kathy i can't tell you more than what you already know,i'm a ghost only sensitive people can see me".

Then we laid down together he put his arm around me,and even if i couldn't touch it i could feel it and i heard him breath heavily.He was asleep.

This chapter was kind boring but it'll get better these first and second chapters were an introduction the real story starts now 

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