2. The beginning


Kate's POV

I was 14 years old i remember it was a dark night,it was raining outside,everyhting was very obscure,and even the stars were olculte.I was in the living room with my mom and my dad,they never loved me as i wanted,but at least they didn't hit me or anything.I was wating for Zayn,i hadn't seen him in the whole day,maybe he was hiding from me,we had a fight but i knew he would come back,because he was my best and only friend.

I was scared,the sound of the thunders where getting closer,and then we could see the shape of a man outside the door,my mother didn't wanted to open it,but my father with an odd expression said that there wasn't anything to be afraid of.I went upstairs i didn't wanted to be there anymore i wished i could be a bird and fly away.As i entered in my room i could feel someone else there with me.

"Hi Zayn.Were you mad at me before?".

"Hey,and no i was just wandering for the village."

"Sure."I smiled at him,i knew Zayn was y frined and that was what we will always were gonna be,because was something strange about him,noone else could see him,or feel it,just me,and i didn't wanna to get hurt,but there was something about that smile of his.It was so perfect,he was beautiful,if you can say that to a boy.

I think he knew the influence he had on me,because everytime i began to stare at him i saw a cute smirk on his face and i always blushed.

"So what did you do today?".

"Just wandering i told you.Nothing special.You?"

"I read and helped my mom with the housework.I missed you."Then i heard a horror scream downstairs i was about to go and see waht had happen,but Zayn stopped me,he got close to me.I could swear he was about to kiss me because he stood there staring deeply at my eyes,and then he said.

"Don't go Kathy,you don't know who it is". 

"But it's my family".He nodded slowly and said.

"I'm going with you,but we need to be stealthy".We went in tiptoes and hid behind the stair,there was a huge man with a long beard and thick eyebrows.Zayn and i looked at each other.Who was this man.He bagan to threat my family and ask for some money.

"Fine"-he said-"You'll pay with your life,and your daughter will work for me."saying that he took out a gun and shot my parents,then i scream like a little girl.He saw me,and i could say he was happy to see me,he walked towards me,and i froze i looked at Zayn,and he was as concern as i was.

"Run."-Zayn said to me in a rush.

"I'm not going without you."

"He can't see me or touch me remember."Then i run as fast as i could but he was even faster and he caught  me.I wa really scared i began to cry like if i was 5 years old.He carried outside the house and i felt the rain cover my body,and then i saw Zayn runing after the man and i.He was beside us,but he wasn't scared at all.He was smiling as always.

"It's time Kathy,close your eyes and wish you weren't here and then you'll be in the most beautiful place you've ever seen'.

"I don't want to let you here alone."i whispered so the man couldn't hear me.

"Give em your hand and i'll travel with you."i didn't believe what he told me i didn't believe in magic in that time,but then i saw his smile that smile that lights up my world,and everything seemed posible.SO i took his hand,i shivered at his touch i hadn't touch him before,was the first time ever,i knew he couldn't handle staying like this much time,it wasn't posible for him,so i hurried and close my eyes and began to think about that place.Then opnened my blue eyes and there we were it was beautiful.

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