4. Shadows


 Kate's POV

 Here i was two years later.I'm so proud to say that 'The Castle' had became my home,i learned many spells with Mrs. O'Brien,she was like a grandma even when we weren't related she gave love and patience.I was 16 years old and i was very mature for my age.The only thing that didn't change was my friendship with Zayn,he was always there,even when i was devastated or i didn't want to talk to anybody.Before arriving  to 'The Castle'  i wouldn't believe this i wouldn't believe in magic,or unicorns.But this is my home.

 I was reading my book.That year i was supposed to study the world of the spirits,that was very interesting because i wanted to understand more about Zayn's world.He never told me anything about it,only that it was dark like the night,there aren't sun,or moon or start,nor even air to breathe,it must be awful.The consisted in how to break the veil between the two worlds.The first one is a powerful spell,it has to be conjured by a living soul.Then it comes the shadows who are supposed to look for a pure soul to brake definitely the veil.It also explained what spell you need to use to fix what it has been done.

 I was meditating when Zayn entered in the room.

"Hi Kathy?".

 I smiled brightly at him,i can't believe i love him so much.

 "Hey.Where were you".

 "I was with the Pegasus.They are funny and  get scared so easily."

I laughed what he said.Unlike humans or wizards,animals are more sensitives and they perceived all kinds of presences.

"I want to spend time with you.You don't care about me anymore".

"You're wrong Kathy.I want to spend every second with you.But you know it wouldn't change anything".

I thought about what he said,it was true but i didn't care.I was going to find a way to make him human again.

"I'm going out".

"Where are you going?".He asked

"Come if you wanna know".I teased him.

"You really want to tease me like that Blackwell?"When he used my last name my whole body shivered,he knew how crazy i was about him,but he liked to play with my feelings.


"Nah i'm not teasing you anymore."

Then we entered in the woods,i always felt free within nature.I saw the herd of Pegasus drinking water from the river.I was getting closer slightly,because i knew they were shy just like unicorns are.They had noticed me,but they also knew i wasn't going to hurt them i have that effect on animals.

"Zayn come here please"He got closer too putting his hand on my waist,it wasn't a touch,but i still could feel his energy,his light,his contact with my skin and my body shake.Zayn chuckled,which made me mad.

I began to stroke the Pegasus.I could say he liked it,i could see it in his eyes.Then he looked me in the eyes,very very deeply.In a matter of seconds he lifted me up and began to fly  moving me away from where i was.I told him to stop,but he didn't,it was like everything was planing like he wanted to take me to somewhere in specific.Then after a few hours of flight he was descending to the ground.I couldn't say i didn't enjoy flying close to the birds like i always had wanted but,after the first thirty minutes it became boring.When i was on the ground i was speechless at the sight of that place.

Everything was dead,the flowers,the animals even the air wasn't good to breathe,everything was in shadows and you could hear voices,little whispers in the wind.Then i remembered what i had read i the book all signals where there,but if someone was trying to break the veil Mrs O'Brien needed to know.

"Kathy where were you,where is the Pegasus."Zayn was breathless he had been running to get to the place where i was.

"Zayn look around,this is all dead i think someone is trying to break the veil between the two worlds,i have to tell Mrs O'Brien she'll know what to do.

"Let's go then,but it's too far away i need to rest".That time was me the one who was chuckling.

"Zayn i'm a wizard remember?i can do a transportation spell and we'll get there as fast as you can say cheese.That was how we got here two years ago."

Then he took my hand touching for the second time,it felt even more magical that the real magic i practiced,and after a few seconds we were in 'The Castle'


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