The lovely one

Allison Clement lives with her mom and dad. Shes an only child . Her parents are rich and famous because... her mom is a movie star and her dad is the biggest music producer in the world. One day her dad wants her to meet his new client; One Direction



the next morning i woke to see everyone up and i saw my mom home. i yelled and ran to my mom and gave her a big hug i said mom i missed u so much how was the movie.She it awsome and i missed u too u and ur dad very much. so i heard u and lucas brokeup am i right .yeah but its no big deal im over him now i dating joshua the hot jock at my school. See lydia thats the problem she broke up with on guy next thing u know shes going out with another. so dad what are u saying since i kissed niall in front of now ur saying ill propably kiss some on esle next i walked over to liam and kissed him .so dad does that prove ur point have a great day and just wait until to night dad u will wish u never said that love yall great to have u back mom bye. So the night finall came everyone was in the livingroom to i went and sat between harry and zayn i told them both oh my god yall got stronge muscles. they said why thank u allison plz call me ally. so one direction why dont we go night swimming im sure my  dad wont mind yall in my bikini.would u i would mide. will why dont u guys go out for a little while .my mom said yall babe dont i just got home and we havent go any time to gather . yeah lets go get ready ok babe. so boys what do yall want to do to night. Well we could play spend the bottle yeah i havent play that is a long time. ok lets play now but it on were going all bad now dont hold back. ok truth or dare ally um i pick dare ok i dare u to  go put ur sexy outfit dance for niall and liam ok easy be right. AS i walk down stairs in my most sexyest outfit i say are yall ready i got off the last step i see my mom and dad looking at mad and really pissed mom dad i can explain ok we want to hear it ok well we all throught yall was gone so we decided to play truth or dare and harry dare me to go put on a sexy outfit and dance for niall and liam since i already kissed them so i thought hey there nothing  wroung with that dare so i put this on the what i came up with.oh wait and im sorry i wont do it again and i love u decied to take that dare and put on luxary bra and panties.its from vitorica secret theres nothing wroung with that. and  not like im dating some on me and joshua broke up hes   slob and i dont date slob. so is this ok with yall and its not like i was going to have sex with them









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