The lovely one

Allison Clement lives with her mom and dad. Shes an only child . Her parents are rich and famous because... her mom is a movie star and her dad is the biggest music producer in the world. One day her dad wants her to meet his new client; One Direction


2. The Break Up

Dad come i have some money for my dress . Prom is in 4 days dad did you hear me. Yes allison i herded but come down and meet  my new clients. fine dad but i have to go meet eleanor in 25 mins. ok Allison just come meet them then i give u the money and u can go . ok dad whatever .As i walked down stair i yelled i dont know  why i have to meet they arent my client i stop dead in my track and one direction said " hi were one direction this is zayn, harry , niall ,liam and louis. I know who u are as i said as i rolled my eyes. Allison be nice as my dad said while taking his wallet . how much do u need $250. do u really need that much yes u know im the most popular girl in school and  im going to be prom queen im getting my black and white ball gown. Next thing u know my

phone start to go off excuse me dad its lucas . the boys say whos lucas, then my dad said its her boyfriend. then i yelled  WHAT YOUR DUMPING ME? just late night u said let have sex after prom wait i know why ur dumpign my its because i said no to haveing sex after prom. well know what go have sex with Eleanor again i know yall did it already . i hunged up on him urgh prom is ruined now i have not date. i wish my life would end . i ran up to my room and niall followed me in there.  he walked in to see tearing all al mine and luca's photo down. niall get out let me be alone.ok im sorry but ur dad told me to tell that he want to talk about the whole sex after prom thing.ok tell hime ill been  right down. Alliosn get down her now coming i yelled back to when i got down stairs he told to go back to up to my room and then he said i dont want daugther dressing like a slut , the i said it a tank top with booty short and speeries thats not slutly well still go change we have boys here and there goign to be living with us. i wish i had normal parent and that i was normal but no a girl cant have that. ugrh i hate my life.i not goign to change mom would let me wear this if she was home fine where anything u want ok time to come clean.




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