Gotta Be You.

Y/n and your bestfriend Baila won the Chance of a life time to meet your Favorite Boy Band- One Direction, More coming soon.


3. W.O.W

After he song paul take you off the stage and tells you to go get Baila and go out the back door in case of any fans. so you do as you were told and go ou the back door and end up in an ally, "where are we?" baial asks, Im not sure, some where by the Car so lets go, you guys turn the corner and walk past a group of girls "HEY!" you hear one of the yell, "your the girl who Niall brought up on stage, right?!" "ya? do i know you?" "Ugh! you Slut!!!" "what?" "you heard me S-L-U-T! DONT YOU DARE TRY TO TAKE NIALL!" Next thing oyu know your running down the block away from a group of Raged teen-aged girls. You guys Hide on the corner by the way you came out and see the boys getting ready to get on the tour bus, "HELP" Baila screams "HURRY!!!" you hears someone with an irish accent scream, so you and Baila run towards he bus. BAM! your on the ground, only able to see blurry faces and almost silent vocies then, everything goes black, you feel someone carrying you then hear a door close.



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